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Bangin Candy: Bye Felicia! Thick White Girl Kip Force [PHOTOS]


Last night was the inaugural episode of VH1’s new makeover show Bye Felicia! But all the blue blooded men, and some women, on Twitter were discussing was the banging body of subject Kip aka Kip Force.

While hosts Deb and Missy tried to reel in Kip’s curve revealing attire, we witnessed a frame that includes a plump derriere she admits is “enhanced.” You’d be able to deal.

Once tied to former NFL star Terrell Owens and having appeared in a Gucci Mane video and Real Chance of Love 2, the response to Kip’s appearance even led to the suspension of her Instagram account. Probably due to someone hating on the game. Neverhtheless, we did some digging and found plenty of pics of Kip Force. Give thanks.

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 10.08.04 AM

Photos: Twitter

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  • Seranzia

    I saw a few minutes and it was funny.
    At some point this BICH stated she can read and write during her mock interview.
    I died

  • Philly stand UP

    The show is hilarious…this chick can’t dress and is shaped funny

  • WowJustWow

    Her body is awful. If your going to pay for it, it should look much better than this lol.

    • Omega

      her body is delicious

  • bleedcoltsblue

    CoCo, Kim K… then every other whootie out there.

  • mike h

    Needs work

  • bigdawgman

    Enhanced? Bye Felicia, for real!!

  • Wa-diddy

    Her sh!t is weak. nothing more than the typical pink imitation

  • are you serious? you just lost credibility

  • Thanks

    What’s up with praising these fake @$$ yt girls…they are very sloppy imitations compared. She looks lumpy n dumpy…what’s so great about her fake plastic @$$. Its probably tough and rough.