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Fail Of The Week: Man Spits Worst Freestyle Line Ever & Admits Having Sex With Opponent's Father!!! [Video]


When it comes to freestyle battles, there are no limitations of what you can expect.  We have seen people get embarrassed, choke up, and on the occasion even get physically hurt.  However, in this freestyle below this man may have done something that no one has ever done in freestyle battling, openly admitting that he has had sex with his opponent’s father, yes I said FATHER!

You knew the man was in bad shape when he started to degrade his own private parts, but never have I ever seen anyone slip up so much to say they had sex with someone’s dad.  You sir receive a fail of the week for not only saying the line, but having the nerve to try and justify it.  EPIC FAIL!

Peep the video here to see one of the worst freestyle lines ever and the priceless facial expressions that come with it.

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  • BAPE747

    MAAAAAAN Where they do dat @, huh man? Don’t even graze the mic. let alone tryn to justify the whack. BOI STOP!



  • dj

    woooooooooooooooooooooooooooow. im mad he played himself waaaaaaaaay 2 hard

  • Hi_Man

    Damn i’m not american but i’m sure i can freestyle better than that! Actually i wanna thanks him cause now whatever you freestyle you can’t DO WORST!!!!
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Simba

    Shut the f*** up b4 i punch u in yo…………..TITTY!