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Officer Caught On Camera Punching 17-Year-Old Girl In Face [Video]


A Washington State police officer is under investigation after civilians videotaped him struggling with a 17-year-old jay walker before punching her in the face.

Seattle police report that an unidentified police officer pulled a man aside for jay walking at the city’s 3100 block of Martin Luther King, Jr. Way Monday.

While the officer was scolding the man for the traffic violation, he reportedly saw four young women jay walk in the exact same spot and asked them to step over to his vehicle.
Seattle police say the women became “verbally antagonistic toward the officer” and one attempted to walk away.

That woman, a 19-year-old seen in a turquoise top, was then “escorted back” to the officer’s patrol car police and reportedly “began to tense up her arm and pull away from the officer while yelling at him” before breaking away from him several times.

Her 17-year-old friend seen in a pink top, then intervened and placed her hand on the officer’s arm causing him to punch her in the face.

Both women were handcuffed and arrested.

The 19-year-old faces an obstruction of justice charge and the 17-year-old is under investigation for assaulting an officer.

Check out video of the incident below.

Was all that really necessary????


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  • lilbabiphat2004

    ummmm do i smell a lawsuit coming on????

    • JediG16



      • BAIN

        He wasnt gonna arrest them for jaywalking. The article said he was “scolding”. I woulda punched her in the face too. Its funny how ppl catch stuff on camera and still manage to never get the full story! Especially in this case, it so happens to be a black on white situation. It wouldnt be if both ppl were the same race.

  • jogabonito

    SEVERAL Lawsuits.. but given the shape of the legal system… it is likely that little if anything will come of it…

  • sassy

    those girls aint got nothing coming, they were clearly resisting arrest.

    • Mello

      Everybody wants to pull the race card, and quite frankly im sick of hearing it. I am a black male, and I grew up around this all my life. for one she was resisting arrest! What is the officer supposed to do say okay i will let you go. Apparently she did something that she needed to be arrested for. second her cousin shouldnt have assualted the police officer she needed to get punched in the face for be ignorant enough to do that. All Al Sharpton, hate against blacks…you missed me with that!! Ive seen the same things happen to everybody else.

    • ME

      it doesnt matter if theyre rich or poor. the girls are clearly resisting arrest. the broad in the pink shirt clearly shoved him.

      lets look at it from another angle for all you idiots. what if pink shirt never got involved or turquoise shirt never resisted. who wouldve gotten punched or slammed on the car

  • redbonekillbill

    Um I just want to know how in the F–k she is under investigation for assault when he punched her? This is exactly why we’ve had two different incidents of murder on officers…not condoning it by any means but I can certainly understand why.

    • Damian

      Are you both retarded? What the officer did in this situation is protocol. That is a very used and valid tactic of subduing someone that is resisting arrest and/or assaulting an officer. Which, by the way, she did!!! You cannot push, slap or shove a police officer… EVER!!! You people are the reason that cops get shot!! It’s idiots like you that stir up hatred for the people that have some of the hardest jobs on the planet.


    F_ucking excellent! She got exactly what the hell she deserved! Her azz had no right to touch that officer of the constabulary while in the execution of his appointed duty! F_UCK HER! I have personally done Physical Security on bases before, and I can azzure you that if I had to get out of my cruiser for any reason that I was brining an azzwhuppin with me! If she would have just let her cousin get arrested, she wouldn’t have caught a bad one, but as is clearly shown, she grabbed him first! The only thing he did wrong was the fact that he didn’t taze her azz! 😈

  • JCredible86

    She DESERVED it. She shoulda got an additional uppercut for forgetting she was black in america

  • pantherbaby

    Oh my God! How awful why don’t he pick on somebody his own size!

  • Info Redd


  • Nightwing

    Wow the comments of you people are just great saying she deserved it amazing what kind and nice people we have in this world i hope you all burn in hell for eternity.

  • Pantherbaby

    I thought any sane person in their right mind with anything to lose knows when you resist arrest what’s going to come next? So provoking law enforcement could get you a lot more than punched in the face you can get tased,pepper sprayed or done Rodney King/Oscar Grant style its so not worth aggravating authority figures who are armed.

  • ForensInves63

    I have not heard one…informant or intelligent comment made to this site yet; “An officers main duty is to control the peace, the moment the peace is disturbed, an officer of the law has every right to control the situation as fit.” Professor Kearney of the NJSP. Although this police officer abused his power and force, he did not commit a crime; IBA may suspend him from enforcing law for a minumum of 90 days…however the individual may continue to practice law IF a county will take the risk of employing him. MY OPINION: the officer did not have to use that much force. The girl (no matter the age)….or ANYONE in that matter…should learn to respect police and NEVER use bodily force against them. It makes you COMPLETLY guilty…worst the officer gets; civil court…you’ll lose

  • A.

    I’ll never understand why people just don’t co-operate with the police in these situations. Just remain calm and explain yourself, no need to resort to acting all ghetto and stupid.
    Not saying she deserved a punch to the face but hey, don’t resist.

    Yeah, you say F the police and kill the police but you know damn well if you were in trouble they would be the first ones you call.


  • Dani

    I don’t feel sorry for her. There are too many insolent children running around nowadays.

  • mr sin

    typical racist americans

  • jerseyjoe

    I am not a police officer doing my job, but if that woman had come into my personal space and then put her hands on me that way, I would have popped one in a New York Second. There is a street arrogance obviously going on there by two people who are not acting responsibly. They are lucky they live in permissive America. I have lived in countries where doing that to a cop will get you dead right there.

  • DJ!

    I would rather DIE like a MAN than live like a DOG…All of those MEN should have BUM rushed that PUNK-AZZ officer and took his gun and threw it in the sewer and waited for his back up to arrive…..BE MEN!!!!!!

  • jerseyjoe

    that’s b.s. –

    a REAL man does not go around attacking a uniformed police officer.

    That’s what a STUPID man does.

    But if you still want to do, just be ready to be a DEAD man.

  • Pantherbaby

    @info redd. You know about the BPP 10 point program? I don’t think young people know about that.

  • Paul

    TANYA u ain’t ever gonna get a man. You are basically saying a black man should have stepped in and assaulted a cop? YOU ARE IGNORANT!! That woman had no business touching the cop. Yes, he used excessive force when he punched her and he will get in trouble for that but she is also going to get in trouble…

    All you guys that said you would have bum rushed the police officer. Obviously you don’t have families or anything else worth living for. Have fun being dead or rotting in prison..

  • secondson

    thats why I stay ready to die. I wake up to everyday like it’s my last. I would have killed his azz with his own gun. all the black men just standing there are cowards. that so called “officer” is assaulting those girls over jaywalking???? You don’t even arrest anyone over that. A warning is more that suffiicient. I don’t want to here any BS about the going against that law he was wrong to escalate the issue. Thank God is wasn’t me he would have got just what he was looking for. slow walking, sad talking, coffin buying and his whole mutha freeking family cryin.

  • alicia a

    let them racist azz police come to Chicago with that mess… it will be all over for them. He didnt have to hit that girl in the fa ce like that,, wtf? he has a gun she doesnt , he has a night stick she doesnt, he has a taser she doesent, that was so unnecessary!! lawsuit!! like his azz was scared of her.. pulease!!

  • Deidra

    This incident began when he officer GRABBED the young woman for allegedly JAYWALKING. HE is the one with the problem. Of course, once she resisted it became her problem because he can then restrain her using force.

  • FOXY

    I am black and sometimes, we have to see and say the truth. she was clearly resisting arrest and the girl in pink has no business putting her hands on the police officer. she is obstructing justice and also assault. if you are innocent, go to court and prove that. Ghetto girls are soo angry.

    then again, the cop can have some racist issues within him. lol. the chick in pink is lucky she didnt get shot. the police man is by himself with no back up and anything can happen to him right there.

  • Cat Eyes

    @Mista O. Your right when you said white people do the darnest things and don’t get shot or done Rodney King style by cops but some whites have more support backup and money for the right attorney to get them out of trouble and make a charge go away, most black people don’t have that type of support so we can’t go around resisting arrest,shoving a cop we know we have to watch our steps!

    • Mystic

      I think you are all missing the point. The fact that white people can act like that young woman did and not get punched in the face is the point.

      Some of you say it is because whites have more power in these situations and I agree. Part of that power is a no tolerance attitude about situations. They would not chose aspects of police brutality to protest against. EVERY INSTANCE of police brutality would be fodder for their cause.

      Us? We debate the finest details of a thing, almost giving the oppressor the argument they need to justify their actions. When will we learn?


    wow… from watching the video… the female was no doubt in the wrong… they were resisting arrest…

    and where the hell was his BACK-UP????

  • Jock One

    I’m a black American male from the hood but advanced myself out of these types of negative situations, I dont see anything wrong with what the cop did these female resisted arrest and assaulted a police officer he could of easily pulled out his gun and shot booth of them he was under attack and he had no back up in a voulitile situation, and yet he showed restraint and kept ordering her to stop resisting arrest which she continously did and while hes trying to get one suspect under control hes attacked by another, yes its sad she got punched in the face but its better that she didnt get shot which he could of easily did, I think we need to be applauding this officer for showing such restraint…

  • phansee27

    In my opinion I think this whole thing was uncaused for. The young ladies should have at least took the time to see why the officer wanted them to stand by his car. After finding out that they were being held for “jay walking” maybe if they were cool about it “maybe” the officer would have let it go with a warning, now all the cursing and fighting was not really worth it. As for the young lady he hit in the face I feel that she was just trying to help her friend out cause the officer seem to be a bit rough with her, but he didnt have to hit her in the face. What I dont understand is where is his back up seeing that most officers role with a partner now days and they give tickets for “jay walking” is he really serious…This was very disturbing and it was taking way out of control this situation could have been handled better than this…SMH!!

  • shannon

    True hitting a woman is wrong but at the same time she is old enough to know that the officer has to do his job reguardless if she wants him to or not,and she should’ve also known that an officer is gonna go off once she hit him,,,,she just should’ve let him do his job cus it could’ve been worse,wether it had been a gun or a tazer.that’s just my opinion.,,,im just saying!

  • nomo

    @ info red are you stupid or what did you see the video?how was that brutality,you have respect the law and obviously whoever raised that piece of trash didn’t teach her to respect the law or anything else.what .a piece of ghetto trash

  • nomo

    @ info red are you stupid or what did you see the video?how was that brutality,you have respect the law and obviously whoever raised that piece of trash didn’t teach her to respect the law or anything else.

  • Emeafa

    Wait.. she touched the police officer, and he punched her in the face and SHE’S being investigated for assaulting an officer?
    Hmmm that makes no sense to me

  • nomo

    what was wrong with my comment why didn’t you post tit?

  • Ash

    The officer went overboard, I would have f**ked him up on sight!!!! He had no reason to punch her in her face……..He was clearly out of order….If he had that must trouble why didn’t he call for back up if he couldn’t control the situation……Watch out because if a policeman ever do me like that as a (women)….he’ll regret it until the day he leaves this earth……

  • kerry

    why must we act like animals all the time?

  • BayAreaChick

    She was totally resisting and that other girl had no business doing what she did.

  • Seriously..I’m friends with sargents at the local city’s police station and I hear stories of women going through the process of being arrested and of course they put up a fight. Its common for a woman to try pushing, pulling, kicking and screaming and because the cops I know are REAL MEN, its nothing to them. They just restrain them and put the hands cuffs on them. They never once had to punch a 17 year old girl to put her in hand cuffs. This cop is what I call a bytch who will gladly get his azz beat by REAL MEN if he ever came my way. If you can’t take a hit from a woman, you dam sure can’t take one from a man..

  • aleximaq

    I can not wait to see house this plays out….I can not wait….

  • LISA

    first of all wasn’t he already dealing with a suspect for “jaywalking” why was he in such a rush to go after the females for the same incident..did he have to me a “jaywalking” quota or something? Perhaps if he would have completed the first situaltion this wouldn’t have occurred, sounds to me like he has too much time on his hands…”jaywalking” seriously???

    • Danie

      Well he probably would’ve let them go with a warning. But instead they wanted to put on the show and make the situation escalate instead of listening to the officer and coming over to the car. You can’t escalate a situation and then be shocked when things get out of hand.

  • Nor*Cal

    Since when is it OK for a Man…let alone a Police Officer to punch a women in the face. My Bad this is not a man this is a Pig

  • ashley

    the cop is doing too much. why is he ‘scolding’ people for jay walking? is that his beat? smdh.

  • Danie

    Well the girl in the pink put her hands on him while he was trying to restrain another person. Honestly, he was right to protect himself. Just because she’s a woman doesn’t mean she can grab his gun while he has his hands full with another. Just because she is a woman doesn’t give her the right to assult the officer and think she can get away with it. She was dead wrong. As long as it took him to subdue one girl do you really think it would’ve been that easy to subdue two?

  • Bri

    This wasn’t about racism, he was doing his job. The girl in the black and turquoise was resisting and the girl in the pink pushed the officer. I do believe that the stops for jay walking were a bit excessive, but they were still breaking the law. As a Black Woman, I do not feel that this is a case of racism.

  • Hmm

    The fact of the matter is that there was no reason for the police officer to behave the way he did. He stopped the young women for JAYWALKING, a non-violent misdemeanor offense. It is understandable that a person stopped for JAYWALKING might be surprised by the level of violence displayed by the police officer. She may have resisted-by jerking away and attempting to stop him from physically assaulting her friend, but nothing in her demeanor was threatening. He was scared by the crowd not by the actions of the girls. It’s only sad that some on this site seem to condone police brutality against two girls accused of walking across the street. Save your criticism for those committing serious crimes and not minor traffic offenses.

  • Raven Pugh

    I was almost brought to tears. Yes the girls should not have used profanity at the same time a man is pretty much abusing her. Protocol my a s s the police think they are above the law and they think that their badge makes them God. This is sad and so not caused for I hope the officer will get dealt with. I have been attacked by a police who stopped me and was trying to hit on me and when he realized I was young he had to charge me for something and put me a cuffs and when he saw me screaming crying for someone to help he threw the ticket away and left. And I went to the station to find him and report him and we never could figure out where he was from. I am still shaken up about it an it saddens me to see a man treat a young child like that no matter what he should have called for a female back up.

  • sadesarde

    Sorry guys – if you’re an officer is about to cuff you – you can’t resist and push and shove him. that girl in the pink shirt pushed the officer. It was him against a lot of people.

    I am a black woman and if I was trying to arrest someone and her friend came over to push me. Best believe, she will get socked.

    period the end.

  • Obbama

    Dear Citizens,

    Everyone knows that black people are full of anger, hatred, and violence. The proper thing to do would be to cross the street at the crosswalk. Since that didn’t happen, the next best thing would be to listen to the officers – NOT resist arrest. Her ghetto azz got what she deserved. The sooner black people start living classy lives like other ethnic groups, the sooner they will actually progress in life.

    Peace & Love,

    Yo Leada

  • Dev

    I personally don’t understand this. If the officer is trying to take control of the situation why would he punch someone in the face. There was a crowd of mostly men, who were not posing a threat and he was trying to restrain a young girl who was acting up but not really a threat to him and he punches her in the face.
    I have worked as a youth worker for many years and have been in many a situation and have never punched a young person yet. Also, if you cant punch your kids for fear of trouble from the government why can a police officer

  • zombiegirl

    THat was wrong wrong wrong these girls are not armed and dangerous and the charge was jaywalking!!!!! He could have gave her a ticket and kept it moving.

  • izzy

    Ha its funny how when it comes to something so little people make it so big. So the girls were jay walking and one got hit by a cop after putting her hands on him put your feet in his shoes he has 5 people by his car the man is doing his job, I mean its obvious he felt threatened.

  • VC

    If the young lady would have calmed down and respected the officer’s authority all of this could have been avoided. Her cousin was ill advised in coming in between a policeman his job. I don’t like their attitudes alot of times but I would not act out like that when I know they shoot 1st and ask questions later. My PROBLEM with the police officer is doing all this for a JAY WALKING offense. Talk about have a slow day at the office….

  • Laura

    Uh, this chick kept resisting, She should have yielded to this officer instead of fighting back and running her mouth.

  • aangela

    The girl should have done what the cop asked and not resist. Jaywalking is an offense no matter how big or small and they happened to get called out for it.

    The other girl touched the cop after he is struggling with the girl in blue. He could have used more force to subdue her but didn’t.

    There is a huge crowd and some person grabs him, he should have punched her. No one else is going to step up and try that again. Don’t be a dumb broad and if you are then try not to do it in front of a cop.

    Now instead of getting a warning or whatever he planned to do, these dumb girls will go to jail for resisting and assault. They are dumb, just dumb. Rules are rules period.

  • Seriously?

    If they do this for jaywalking what do they do for speeding? Baton up the azz? Does she have no rights as a young woman?

    • Rhodes

      The crime (jaywalking) is not the point. The point is that she was resiting! He was well within his rights to do whatever it takes to get her to the ground and in cuffs.

  • Good

    moral of the story dont resist arrest morons

  • Ms_Inconspicuous

    Well I don’t see the problem here other than actually stopping someone because they were jaywalking. I don’t think the police used excessive force. As a matter of fact, I think he bit off more than he could chew because the little girl was manhandling him the whole time. God forbid she was a real criminal and gotten hold of his gun. She had more than enough chances to get his gun. If anything I think he needs to be put on meter duty because he can’t handle restraining an average american girl in a timely manner. Therefore making him a liability to the depart.

  • MAXny

    No good pig, hitting a woman like she is a man.

  • Gooroo

    All these people talking about what they would’ve done. Yeah, you wouldn’t have done a damn thing so sit down and shut the hell up!!!!!

  • Khandi

    People need to learn to watch their mouths. Now instead of a citation for jaywalking, they gonna most likely get a record.

  • williedynamite

    Actually, the officers reaction was pretty tame (minus the punch) compared to other cases that I have seen…he was ARRESTING them, they were RESISTING arrest…he didnt body slam them on their heads or choke them into unconscienceness, he just used detaining/wrestling techniques…You dont push an officer when hes arresting unless you want to fight him (not recommended)…a jay-walking ticket is like $10-$20! SMH

    • kenfolx

      was this footage filmed during an earthquake?? got my damn head hurting trying to keep up. that white boy got mad ’cause he couldn’t handle shorty.

  • shon

    All of this over a ticket. u got caught.



  • MEEn

    I love my black people but they jackasses for jaywalking four times just to get to the officer in the first place. Jackass. But a police cannot hit a women only subdue her, as taught in their martial arts classes.

  • Snakee

    If she would have tried to calmly talk to him and not resist arrest we would not be in this boat. She needs to STFU and handle it like the adult she almost is. What I’m mad about is jay-walking…really…I hate that law. If i want to play survival of the fittest and cross the street wherever I please I think that should be my right.

  • kay

    Ok the girl could have co-operated, but jaywalking? I’m tired of these police officers willing to set in empty parking lots or behind vacant buildings and wait on someone speeding to come through and give them the hardest time they probably will ever have in their life. The police need to chase real crime. In my experience they’re slow to react to something serious and willing to rough someone up over nothing.

  • Diego deLeon

    Maybe someone should have pointed this out before: YOU CAN’T BE ARRESTED FOR JAYWALKING! So, this young lady was NOT resisting arrest!

    Furthermore, there is NOTHING that says you have to be overly cordial to police officers, especially if you feel you’ve done nothing wrong.

    “Proper protocol” would have been for this idiot to call for back-up instead of attempteing to single-handedly deal with FIVE people–a situation that by sheer numbers would require him to use force.

    Imagine that conversation: “Yes, sir, I punched her in the face because she was jay-walking.” An oversimplification, yes, but that’s what it boils down to.

    It’s execessive force and, IMO, a dereliction of duty. I’d sure the hell out of him!

  • WTF

    Laws here in Tx actually provide that you can defend yourself against undue force from an officer. For example, you are complying with orders to put your hands behind your back and the officer tackles or starts hitting you anyways, you can fight back. Don’t know about anywhere else….BUT you have to be complacent first. Yelling and pulling is not cooperating.

  • DewP

    I’ve gotten a ticket for jaywalking before…and I’m white. So these girls have no excuse for acting the way they did. Calm down, “the man’s” not out to get ya…lol

  • PL

    I’m a girl but those 2 girls act like Thuggish Men fighting and being disrespectful and all….and if you act like a man be prepared to be treated like a man!! Those girls have no respect and deserved to be punched in the face… The Officer was being attacked by 2 THUGS AND HAD EVERY RIGHT TO DEFEND HIMSELF…

  • um

    the officer was correct, PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bry

    The officer did what he should of done. He was there by himself, and was being attacked, and you never know what a person has on them or what their intent is. The cop was defending himself. She deserved it.

  • 2stoopidgirls

    How dumb can you get? They would rather get arrested than receiving a jaywalking ticket? Obviously this is not new to them since the older girl got arrested last year after assaulting a police officer, and she was resisting arrest at that time. Why was she living in a group home to begin with. Then her cousin is released to state appointed guardians instead of her parents?! WTF is wrong with these two?

  • 2stoopidgirls

    Lisa, why do you have so much hatred for the police? You said that you have never been in trouble, but yet you hate them. That makes no damn sense. Stop being a follower.

  • get u 1

    First let me previse this by saying that I am black myself…

    It always amazes me that as soon as there is a conflict between a black person and a white person it becomes a racial issue. That is not always the case, no one on here knows this officer’s racial views. Forall we know he could be married to a black woman.

    What we do know is that police officers take on the duty of protecting society, in this case j walking. Which while not considered a serious office does result in the death of many pedestrians each year. Getting back to the point, this officer was surrounded by a number of aggressive individuals and had every right to defend himself after she touched him in a threatening manner.

    While there are undoubtably case of police brutality the vast majority of police offers put their lives in jeopardy every day to protect you ungrateful ignorant “people” for next to nothing in pay.

  • Tony boy

    I don’t understand these stupid A$$ race comments… when somebody does something stupid for example hitting an officer..there are consequences for their actions..black white Spanish Chinese etc.. that’s a stupid A$$ girl..then you get all these tough guy responses about who would be helping a knocking the cop out.. if a white girl would have done it she would been stupid as well..and she probably would have been on an episode of cops..so take responability for your actions.. and stop with the stupid A$$ race comments.. the president is black

  • WTFuthought!?!

    you clearly see in the video that the teenager in the pink shirt OBVIOUSLY grabbed the officer’s arm and pushed him! So most likely if taken to court w/ this video the officer is clearly going to be cleared of chargers filed against him! & it’s terrible to see people of my decent think that there is nothing wrong w/ what the girl in the pink shirt obviously did! She should be the one going down for assult and the other girl should definitely go down for resisting arrest! PERIOD.

  • temeka

    The girls should have just taken the ticket and fought it in court. The girl in the pink shirt pushed the cops and both were disorderly.

  • Sybil

    She deserved it. If she cooperated I am sure she and her cousin would have gotten a warning and been on there merry way. When you do not comply with an officer of the law you lose every time.

  • mzgoodi

    she was out of line

  • Edub

    If she was my child I would be upset that he punched her in the face but I would be more angry at her for fighting an armed man regardless if she felt he was wrong. That’s why we have a judicial system in this country, she could fight the ticket, but not if she’s dead. Really , really stupid on her part.

  • Tony

    If you touch or grab a police officer while he is conducting an investigation, writing a ticket or making an arrest, you are breaking the law. These women are either ignorant of the law or just don’t care and they both should be arrested. The other young man who was about to step in needs to have a long discussion with his parents about what can happen when you let yourself be talked into doing something foolish.

  • WOW

    wow the elite did a number on all of you. its damn shame that some of yall are heartless wit no soul. i bet u r the same ppl that would give a couple dollars to street performer but u see a person wit no legs u turn ur head down. go ahead n embrace in ur self entitlement while it last. some of u will never know what hit ya when it does. good luck

  • weslyn

    my was an officer for over 25 years and we all know u can’t resist arrest…BUT there is something called proper protocol and procedure to deal with it..and it doesn’t involve punching someone in the face or using excessive force..and if he didn’t know how to deal with it in any other way, then he shouldn’t have a badge…and i’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have done this to a white woman

  • weslyn

    *my mom*

  • pay the girl now

  • yvette

    How could this police department justify this officer puching this 17 year old girl. They arrest men everyday for doing the very same. thing. They tell men when women are pushing and getting all in your face is to walk away but it is okay if you are a police officer. That is a double standard. He could of held her down or call for backup and by the way where was his backup, they probaly had more important things to do. I do not justify those girls either but a punch in the face. Like someone said earlier if this cop was black hit a white girl, he would had been fired or charge for assualt. What can you say this is America

  • V. Aikens

    I think this could have been handled differently, the girl in the pink just helt the officer’s arm probably not thinking. But she made a mistake in touching the officer. This you don’t do. It was sad to know the girls and the officer couldn’t handle their attitudes better and the office should had called for back up sence he had already had stopped someone else and wanted to stop the girls for jay-walking. Just rounding up everyone for tickets this day was putting things out of control, and the girls were being out of disrespect. I know a lot of police officers and I know they would not handled this in this fashion. I’m a female nurse and I deal with a lot of tean agers and they don’t think before they speak. This officer did not handle this in a professional way, regaurdless of the uniform, this makes it bad for other police officers in the department, I know of the attitudes of some police officers is bad. Still as citizen you still has to have respect for the law. Sorry Girls I hope the best for you.

  • MzM

    The girls were wrong they should have coperated although jaywalking is a quality of life issue not a crime. However, with more than 5 years experience working for a PD, I agree with the person the person that said a Caucasian that would have acted like the girls would not have been beaten is ABSOLUTELY correct. Many cops have a predisposed attitude about dealing with minority groups; I have witnessed it first hand and have had many, many debates with my former colleagues regarding their prejudices and how they escalate situations with minorities and try to de-escalate situations with caucasians. Many cops take bad attitudes into the streets and treat the people they encounter subhumanly, especially in inner cities. The worst part is their are actually good cops but incidents like this just make it very difficult to make a case that any of them are still onthe beat. They do a lot of good for the community but unfortunately these stories are the only ones to make national headlines. In this case the girls are wrong but he is an idiot for choosing to fight teenaged females on camera. It’s hard to defend any man who is shown punching a young woman in the fast with a closed fist! he should have thought about whether the two discon charges were worth it. Not the brightest bulb in the shed…

  • MzM

    excuse my typos meant to type ‘there’ after is in the second para and ‘face’ instead of fast. Capital H in he…

  • Police Wife

    People fail to realize that an officer has to do his job whether black or White…. The girl was resisting arrest..point blank period…and her cousin needed to step back and calm down…She was interfering in an arrest and the officer had every right to defend himself,it doesnt matter if it is a woman she had no business interfering in such a manner.. so getting punch in the face is the least of her concerns because the chargers that she will get are far worst..The officer was by himself and also did not know what the cousin intensions were towards him…and for those people who always say I hate cops..That is such and ignorant comment…you sound so uneducated…get educated before you make comments like that.. this had nothing to do with race at all!!

  • Robert

    All that for J Walking!!!!! Go find something important to do……….
    They should sue the police department.

  • activist

    For all you racist like Mike above( which I see your comment is the only one people cant reply) You are a stereo typing idiot of a racist and GOD will punish you. The teenage girl should not have been punched. That’s just like a teacher going to school and punching a student for challenging her. Point blank cops have to deal with adolescents and if you dont know how to diffuse situation then FIND ANOTHER JOB!!!!!!!!!! Just like the idiot on TV commented they started recording late. If it where your whit daughter being socked in the face by that officer you people would have been out ragged. But just because she is black , excuses are being made. All you whit racist can get over it. Our president is Black (yeah i know you sh***ed your pants when that happened) Slavery was thousands of years ago and you are no better than Blacks NOT AT ALL. Your young white daughters love black men and your wives love them. But every time something happens you people act like black should be treated like sH**!!!!!!!! I leave It up to GOD to deal with, your time will come. Slowly but surely..

  • Sasha

    Well Im Not Gonna Say He Racist . Just He Didnt Have To Sock Tht Girl Like Tht . Smh ! He Coulda Pined Her Or Something . But Damm He Jst Sock’d The Shxt Outta Her. L0l Its Not Funny But Im Jst Say’n….. Wth Wth ? @goofylilme “Twitter Me Baby” 🙂

  • oreowriter

    If you look at the start of the video, the girls don’t get mad until one of them is touched. We can’t hear the conversation, so who knows why he touched her. But strangers don’t have the right to touch someone else in a way that they find offensive. She backs away sharply from him after the touch and then the craziness ensures. Maybe he touched her because he was going to arrest her, maybe he touched her because he was being a jerk. Who knows.

    The point is, this man is charged with protecting people…even people who are committing a horrible crime like jaywalking. He absolutely should have used tactics other than wrestling with a teen girl, grabbing her by the neck and punching one in the face. If them running was going to be such a huge issue, he could have called for backup or issued a report. I guarantee, they would have been found.

    But a grown man punching a teenager in the face is simply not okay. These girls weren’t fighting back so much as they were trying to get away. They weren’t hitting him, they were evading him. Big difference there.

  • BlackIsBeautiful

    Jim Crow is still at work people!! And ya’ll talking about swirling with white people! At the end of the day your still a nicca to them. For him to punch that girl in the face without thinking twice about it!! Black people we better wake UP! The plantation is still here and in full effect! You better get informed.. then inform others!!



  • knowledge

    Everybody saying she got what she deserved he was protecting hiself…granted she shouldnt have touched the officer but there are other means of protecting hiself.He could of mased her instead of punching a female who is half his strength and age.How threatened could he have possibly felt.and yes i honestly feel like if if the races were reversed all those who said she got what she deserved would be outraged!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ME

    you people saying the officer was wrong are idiots. how is he pose to know that these are kids. if thats the case, they should stay in a kids place. if the officer feels threatened, then he can retaliate. the idiot in the pink top shouldnt have went over there to do anything. all she needed to do was go home and relay the story of what she saw. since she tried to be a hero,he got clocked in the face and might end up looking at a aggravated assault on a police officer charged. black folks wanna act all tough and say eff the police but fail to mention that they do hella dirt which prompts the police to act in a certain way.

    and for all you idiots talkin about what they were being stopped for, we dont know b/c there is no video of that. but we do have video of those 2 scallywags acting unruly.

    and im black so dont start sayin that im racist. ive also had my run ins with the law but now i can admit that i provoked those instances

  • Dk

    White P0wer

  • Mia

    What I find so funny about this is, half the people here wanted to kill Chris Brown for hitting Rihanna, saying “Under so circumstances is it okay for a man to hit a woman” but it’s okay as long as the man is a white officer and the woman is a 17yr old BLACK girl!? It’s not okay, he clearly could not handle the situation and should have waited for back-up, hitting that girl is unacceptable!

  • Beesh I’m Me

    Whoop that Trick!

  • Uptownian

    JAYWALKING???!!!!???? All this s$%t for jaywalking??? And some of you are actually defending the cops actions!!! Oh yeah, the white girl in white top pink shorts is her friend who was walking right beside her, but he didn’t mess with her. Wonder why????


    It was that serious because that girl had no right to attack the cop. when cops leave their house everyday they want to go back home to their family or loved ones. if they feel threatened they have a right to act upon it. Now granted I dont agree with some things but that cop had every right to hit that girl. I bet next time she wont assault a cop.

  • tenisha

    yooooooooooooo he violated he shud b arrested bastered this looks very raicist


    lmao at all you racist people talking ish over the internet. you all are cowards because I KNOW you wouldn’t say HALF the foolishness you say on her in person!

  • yeah

    ok he should not have punced her number should have maced her!

  • Marc

    Im black and I think he was well within law in punching her. Maybe she’ll be a little more sensible next time. This is coming from someone who think most policemen are crooked.

  • nwilson

    These young kids need to have respect for authority! That’s the problem now. I bet she thinks twice before something like that happens again. Is it something in the food that these kids are eating because they are becoming more and more violent! If you are big enough to hit, then you are big enough to get hit back. I do not feel sorry for her wild ghetto A$$ at all and I am black!

  • mary

    These girls need respect for police officers. They were stop and needed to be questioned by the officer. They did not need to be so abrupt with the officer and any little force by anyone against an officer is absolutely prohibited. When we lose respect for officers we lose respect for the law.

  • 5*NAH


  • Nina

    Everybody out there should have jumped and stomped his a**! If I was the girl, I would have stole on him myself. He ain’t gone hit on a man like that because he know he will get his a** kicked. I hate these white racist cops!!!

  • bambowbam

    alright. this isn’t even about race it’s the simple fact that he did NOT have to punch her in the face! It wasn’t that serious he could have pushed her away. Simple as that , but did he? no he punched her in the face! For touching his arm.. there is no need for to be so aggressive. I am black , and i feel as doe the woman that resisted the arrest should be charged, but the lady in the pink has no reason to! He was to aggressive. and everyone sayomg she deserved it.. I Honestly hope your put in this situation! and all u whites saying us blacks are Always over-reacting? GO TO HELL 🙂

  • Diamondlove

    I really got nothing to say.
    The 17 year old who tried to help got hurt, so is helping people a crime now?
    Then alot of ppl are gonna get arrested.

  • PhillyChick

    Hey Redd, how about this —- FTN!!!!!!


    You better believe she will never try that again. HaHa white or black 2 against 1 = a punch in the face.

  • jesse

    Wow, i usually dont say this much but,, GOOD JOB MR POPO.. i dont see any problem here other than the cop should have maybe waited for backup to have better control of the situation.. But in my honest opinion this police officer did an exceptional job in dealing with this rowdy situation in which he was WELL outnumbered… Hell i know i would have down much more than that in his situation..

  • dg

    Was all that really necessary????


    Once a person is resisting an officer, the officer has a right and even an obligation to subdue that person. Let’s put that in plain english: get smart with a cop, you absolutely can get arrested. Once the arrest is in progress, it therefore is useless to resist. Once you resist, the officer is legally allowed to beat the crap out of you until you stop resisting. Why? Because how can the officer know exactly what extent you’re willing to go to resist him? Should this officer have to read the mind of the woman in question to know for certain whether or not she might take his gun away from him by force to by trickery? Of course not. Once a resistance is in progress, the officer must control the situation to HIS level of comfort, not the person being arrested.

    To all of you. If you wish to resist a cop, do so in a court of law. If you think this was police brutality, you need to educate yourself a little better about police and legal procedures. Or remain stupid and become another statistic.