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T.I. Speaks On Snitching Allegations And His “King Of The South” Title


There ain’t nobody, nowhere in naan jail sayin’ I was on they paperwork.”

Just months after his release from an Arkansas prison, T.I. is still defending himself from allegations that he was a reported “snitch” that gave out information to federal officials in return for a lighter sentence.

Tip was sentenced to one year and one day in jail in March 2009 for felony weapons charges after prosecutors gave him a plea deal.

Along with the 366 days in jail, Tip was ordered to pay a $100,000 fine and complete 1,500 hours of community service, a deal typically unheard of for a convicted felon.

Tip says however that allegations that he snitched to get over are simply not true and he tells XXL that he was given “certain agreements” because of his helpful additions to society.

“What people don’t take into consideration is the reason that I was eligible for certain agreements that they weren’t eligible for was because I made myself a useful member of society…Most muthaFawkas catch cases and get time. My n*gga, you wasn’t doing Shyte when you was out here, so wasn’t no reason for them to keep you out here.”

To make himself incredibly clear, Tip goes on to talk about the “G code.” According to Tip, those responsible for making the snitching allegations against him are in violation of the code especially considering that no jail has proof that he ever worked with them.

“Please understand the G code that I learned from, if you speak out your mouth that a muthaFawka is telling on somebody and you can’t come with indisputable, irrefutable facts to support that statement, that makes you the sucker. You are now in violation of the G code. And there ain’t nobody, nowhere in naan jail sayin’ I was on they paperwork.”

In the magazine’s upcoming July/August cover story Tip made sure to add that he’s still holding down his title of “King Of The South.”

“King Of The South did not exist before me. The term cannot be passed along until I choose to pass it along…”

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  • Bigd

    I have one question who did he snitch on cuz i have read his plea agreement and their aint no where on there that said he cooperated with the feds on snitching on nybody… I aint no master of the law but i do know that if usnitch on sumbody it goes on ur paperwork… sooo where da facts to support your theory SER?

  • fedboy

    Ok, here ya go. I just got out of five years in an FCI, and there were guys in my halfway house from FCI Forrest City. TI needed protection inside because anyone with half a brain and knowledge of the system knows there is NO WAY a 922(g) (felon in possession) gets a year. Never. Nor would he get bail, much less be able to self-report, and go to an FCI (considered a nice spot as well). Ain’t going to happen. TI is straight up 5K1.1 (look it up) and his “there is no such thing as a secret snitch” remark just confirms it. ALL 5K1.1 motions are left out of the PSI, and are usually sealed. He’s a rat. I don’t hate him, he’s nothing, just another pussboy who ratted out his friends to get less time.