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Parents Arrested After "Raping" 1-Month-Old Child to Death


Emphasizing the fact that some people aren’t meant to produce offspring, a couple was arrested after committing a sexual assault.

The victim, sadly, was their1-month-old baby son.

Staci Lynn Barbosa, 19,  and 23-year-old Jonathan Edward Vandergriff, residents of Bullhead City, Arizona, are believed to have raped the young infant, or had some involvement in the act, according to Bullhead City police spokeswoman Emily Montague.

Authorities were called to Western Arizona Regional Medical Center’s Emergency Room, being informed that a child was fighting for his life.  Police stated that they saw bruises and sores all over the baby’s body while his eyes were red and swollen shut.

Upon further investigation, doctors found that the child suffered from broken ribs, a broken femur, was malnourished, dehydrated, and showed signs of sexual abuse and shaken baby syndrome, according to Phoenix New Times.

Barbosa and Vandergriff, who brought their child to the hospital, were immediately taken into custody after the baby was airlifted to Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas, where a trauma center was available.

Vandergriff and Barbosa were arrested for molestation of a child, child abuse, aggravated assault, and sexual conduct with a minor.

Vandergriff is being held on a $500,000 bond and Barbosa’s bail was set at $250,000.

It would really be pointless to even give commentary on such a sick act…

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  • aleximaq

    Ok, I have said it 3 times this morning….we are living in the end times…people please get your lives right and repent daily…ask God for guidance and treat people how you want to be treated….Amen



      • Sophie

        Sick sick sick they should starve them whilst giving them the exact same as what the baba got then burn each limb and break each bone one by one and burn a different body part and give them a slow painful death.. Even that won’t be enough !!!

  • julia

    I used to know staci. I never thought she would ever do such a thing man ! I can’t believe this poor baby!

  • Lovelybubbly

    This story is so heartbreaking I often wonder why do people have children if they don’t want them? There are people waiting on list for years to adopt children stable normal people who would love and raise the child and people keep kids they don’t want and abuse them. So sad.



  • Sasha

    Omfg 🙁 Im Jst Dne .The World Is End’n…Slowwwwly 🙁

  • thicklikecornbread

    How can the d1(k be so good that u would harm ANY child, let alone ur OWN child, AND a ONE MONTH OLD at that?!!!!!!!!

    Where dey do dat at?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GGG

    My good friend can’t have children, and here these sick f-cks have a precious child and do this? Sh-t, a bullet in their head would be too good for them.

    I’m starting to believes those saying we are living in the end of times.

  • doretta

    kill both of them

  • tbird

    put their arses in the general population in prison…they wont last the week

  • DeeVa

    Forced castration for both. Neither should be allowed to

    procreate ever again ending ther lineage FOREVER!!!!!

  • JB

    This is horribly sad. I have to agree with those who want these two monsters sterilized or even executed. What the hell was going through their minds?

  • Hi_Man

    Damn the two parents!!!!!!
    And i’m agree with thoose who talkin’ about adoption and more: they have to make the same test that they do form adoption for natural parents cause we have all to stop belevin’ in mother instinct. There is no natural love . I wanna burn them alive they only deserve that.

  • Out of all the stories you post this is the worst one, makes me wanna cry and drink a couple 40’s

  • togirl87

    CAPITAL PUNISHMENT for disgusting acts like this and for scum like these people, should definitely be considered. I’m am absolutely disgusted by these people, I would not even consider them human! I hope they suffer for what they have done.

  • Lizza*

    –KILL THEM BOTH!!!!!*


  • Mabel

    Please somebody tell me this is a dream, tell me I am in a deep sleep. No way this can be true, no way!!!! You carry a child for 9 months to torture it, having an abortion was too much trouble I bet? On top of their sentences they should both be sterilized fully to ensure neither will ever have a child again and their names and faces should be on a list in every country to ensure they can NEVER adopt.

  • dawn

    White people are evil…they do not deserve to walk the earth with others

    • robinp

      To the person who claims all white people are evil….Sadly people of all races abuse children. And although I’ll agree a LOT of white people are evil not all of us are. So before you generalize news stories based on race pull your head out of whatever hole it is in and recognize that evil comes in many colors, shape and sizes.

    • Daftcow_moo

      I am beyond offended that you would associate all white people with the gruesome and despicable acts of these degenerates. Its racist. There is evil in all races and cultures, a person’s colour does not determine who they are. And where in this article, does it say they are Caucasian?

  • Pantherbaby

    Someone said earlier about wealthy sane people who love children on waiting list for years to adopt why don’t people just give their kids up for adoption if they don’t want them or can’t care for them properly I agree. I wonder about their families also nobody stepped in?

  • throwarightcross

    @ Mabel. You need to be a judge or prosecutor because what you said was perfect! Those two human parasites unfortunately will most likely do time and get out and ruin somebody else life, have more children and either kill them or damage them. A newborn baby being abused that badly is from the devil! I think about my son when he was newborn I was so protective of him I wouldn’t let no one hold him unless they washed their hands, I wouldn’t allow people who smoke around him I was and still am protective so to hear a newborn being hurt like that by someone who went threw labor and childbirth to have him is heartbreaking.

  • ana

    wow.. i have tears from hearing this.. i have a 1 month old baby and i look at her and think to myself how could somebody do such a horrible thing to something that is so defenseless. this baby didnt have an oportunity to leave life.. sometimes i wonder why god gives children to those that dont deserve them. i believe the best parents are the ones that are unable to have children. i hope that this bastards get punished each second of there life..i hope that they get the same things that they did to their child continously for the whole time there in prison.
    my prayers go to this baby and all the children that are or were in this kind of situation no matter what age that god will let them in heaven with open arms to be loved uncoditonally..

  • Hope they BURN

    “HELL” just made room for these two non humans. I hope they burn here before the Devil welcomes them home! I am wondering what happened to their one year(or older) old daughter?

  • Don’t many of feel that having a child is a gift from God? Why would God bring a child into the world for this to happen? It makes you think doesn’t it. If true, these two should stand before a firing squad of 6 Desert Eagle 50 cals. The place where they are from is home to some of most racist and self-righteous people out there. Now they’re all quiet since this happened.

  • pat

    I can’t believe those people can do what they did it makes my
    heart hurt knowing that this one month old baby endured such an ordeal. God I call on you to give these people severe

  • chanell

    I have a 2 month old, and this shocks me so much. I can’t imagine what the baby was going through. How can anyone look at an innocent baby and not want to smile, instead beat and rape?? these people should not be killed they should be raped and tortured to the break of death, brought back to health and repeated over and over again till they’re old and dead!!!

  • Jakeen

    Like it sai some people don’t deserve to own a Fing dog let alone a priceless, innocent baby..& i have a 1 month old and I don’t even want to think if him having a cold let alone what thay F**KING MONSTERS did to their own child…WTF!!!

  • Christine

    omfg..i hope and pray these two get what they deserve,capital pumishment!!!..the pain and agony that,that poor lil boy must have gone threw makes me soo f@#king cranky..i have been trying for a baby for a few years now and the fact that these two sick f#@ks ( i can’t call them human) could do this makes me sick,that poor lil boy..they are both screwed up sick f#@king monsters and should never be allowed to walk the streets again…let alone EVER have more children!! Its times like this that DO call for the death penalty!!!!!

  • Kylie

    wat was going through their minds a 1 month old baby how could they do this if they didnt want the child then why did they have him

  • DRE


  • Jess.

    UGH!! Disgusts me! i have a one month old, who would even think to do that! I hope the rest of their life is miserable!!!!

  • Nat

    I have no words for this. I read this with my one month old in my arms and cried. How can someone even think of doing such a vile thing to anyone-let alone a baby? These people are cowards to torture a defenceless child who barely had a chance at life, and what a life he was offered. My heart truly bleeds for him and I hope he is being cherished by God as he deserves. We should rid the earth of monsters, prisons shouldn’t exist to crimes of this degree, death is too good for them and their sick minds-kill them both they don’t deserve to see another day.

  • little miss

    I was looking ask.com on how to stop a 16 month old from fighting sleep my baby girl wouldn’t let me rock her or nothing so I let her cry it out. As I’m looking come across this what in the world? That is disgusting and wrong on so many levels. I.am a mother of 3 and never even fathomed some1 would ever do that not to a defenceless baby who couldn’t fight back. The police should take those whatever they are and sit them blindfolded in a room in the prison and let the inmates do whatever they want with them if they are still alive then put a bullet in between their eyes. No baby should have to endure and suffer what this poor sweet angel of God.went through. Ppl getting pregnant and being able to have baby is a gift from God it’s like throwing it back up in his face. I just hope those two f**k heads have alot suffering to endure.

  • PatLinmemphis

    I agree with most of the comments, why would anyone even consider raping a 1 month old baby, helpless, not even knowing who or what it is. Just senseless. There should be harsher punishments for alien monsters like these two sick f**ks. People caught with marijuana get way too much time in prison than murdering cold hearted m*#@f*#+s. The judistional system needs to get their priorities straight. Children are the future, human life is more valuable than weed. “PLEASE LEAVE OUR BABIES ALONE”

  • Brad jago

    I have just read this, why would u carry a baby around for 9 months! If this is what sort of people are in the world im scarf for my kids when they grow up to be in a society with people like this! Send the parents round my house they would know the meaning of pain! I know 2 wrongs don’t make a right but when it comes to this I would do damage to these sick people! There is only soany words that I can write that can express my sadness and anger! I hope thy baby finds love in a family that wants him!

  • Clevercloggsxx

    That is f***king sick why the hell would people do that to anyone, let alone there OWN 1 month old child there are some sick people in this world who need to get whats coming to them.They both should be put to death for what they have done to that child through.
    And hes fighting for his life.
    My god i am so annoyed right now that someone could even think about doing this to a child.
    Oh i do hope they both burn in hell sick sick people.
    All theses people who cant have children and you get sick people like this who do all this stuff wow i feel like omg i dont no sick stupid people……..

  • Evasan_2000

    I say, lets take them out of jail, and kill them ourselves, who is with me??!!

  • Atgerber

    In the end we will be accountible for our sins..

  • Swettracy3

    It makes me want to cry! That poor little baby.  When i think of the pain it must of endured and at the hands of its parents! These two need to pay for this and i hope they get what is coming to them!  They should not be allowed bail. They are animals . Show no mercy!

  • Nicole A

    U deserve to die!!!!!! Tortured over and over but yet die!!!!!!! Anyone that hurts a baby or child deserves to be tortured and then die!!!!!!!!!!! Sick F**cks!!!!