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Book Claims FBI Used Death Row Records To Stop Black Activism


A controversial book is continuing to making headlines fort its message, one that claims that the FBI used one of the most notorious Hip-Hop labels in history as a means of suppression for Black activism.

Titled “The FBI War On Tupac Shakur and Black Leaders: U.S. Intelligence’s Murderous Targeting of Tupac, MLK, Malcolm, Panthers, Hendrix, Marley, Rappers & Linked Ethnic Leftists, the book was originally published in 2008 but is being highlighted again along with its accompanying DVD.

According to Author John Potash, Death Row Records was a sham—a front company that was

filled with police officers working to stifle the creative genius Tupac Shakur from distributing his message of activism.

He tells the Baltimore City Paper,

“I believe that Death Row Records, which included dozens and dozens of police officers at all levels, according to a high-level police officer that investigated them, was a front company and was trying to continue penal coercion and mess up [Tupac Shakur’s] head. Death Row, of course, published the most negative songs he ever produced.”

Potash, a Columbia University grad and former addictions counselor, admits that he doesn’t have a real background in Hip-Hop but was compelled to spend ten years researching the death of Tupac after seeing a coincidence in the infamous Quad Recording Studios shooting and a time when Pac was previously arrested.

The link made him think that the rap legend was being targeted, much like his parents who were well known Black Panthers.

He tells the Baltimore City Paper,

“I knew some rap–like Public Enemy But I didn’t really know Tupac Shakur at that time…one of the many strange twists in the case, the officer who raced to the scene after Shakur’s friends called 911 was the same officer who arrested him a year ago…..So I called [Shakur’s] New York trial lawyer and said, ‘Do you think they’re targeting him in the same way they targeted his activist parents? So that’s how I got into it all.”

He also tells the Batlitmore City Paper that U.S. Intelligence is known for controlling people through their thinking which posed a problem for Tupac who directly threatened their suppression tactic.

“What I think it was was that he had become the most influential black man in the black community in the country. CIA and U.S. intelligence, what they have to do is win the hearts and minds of the people. They don’t want to control us by force, they want us to control ourselves by having us believe in a certain way–that we don’t need national health care, for example. And here, Tupac was threatening to win over the hearts and minds of people, he was able to counter so much of the propaganda in the black community.”

The DVD was screened Wednesday at Baltimore’s Cyclops Books And Music and the book is available on Amazon.com

John Potash

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  • Hmm it sounds plausible. I guess I shall see the dvd.

  • Realfolk

    I have always bleevd the gov’t had sumn to do with pacs death….

  • Hi_Man

    I don’t beleive in conspiracies is everywhere but this one is possible.

  • Lone Gunman

    Why the conspiracy? If the FBI was concerned about Tupac, they would have had him die the first time he got shot.

    They could have had a jailhouse thug shank him in prison. They could have made it look like he committed suicide behind bars.

    To create a multimillion dollar corporation just to eventually kill someone in a less that concise manner defies logic.

    Besides, in order for the plan to work they needed a lot of treacherous black people which goes against the idea that blacks were being galvanized by Tupac to stand up against govenrment oppression.

    There will never be solidarity between black in the US, unfortunately it’s been bred out of us.

    • GanagstagreenRecords

      no cuz there smarter, They dont wana just kill him right there then it would make it seem like it was them, Wat they did was, They used the east coast vs west coast on the media and they made it look like it was that, go to youtube and look up mtv awards 2pac, he says there aint no such thing as that and he got shot 3 days later, Everyone knos who did it, ppl r just sometimes ignorant

  • Bronze

    Sounds like an interesting read. I do believe that someone with government ties murdered Tupac. I really doubt some run-of-the mill thug shot him and got away with it.

  • d.

    Stop it please! Tupac was an intelligent/talented entertainer, but it wasn’t like he was starting some type of powerful movement that would change the world or something. I loved Pac, he had some powerful songs and he also had some not so powerful songs, but all of these conspiracy theories to stop him from becoming this powerful activists are very suspect. Out of all the black people who are real activists, why didn’t the man murder them? Just please stop it with all of this nonsense! Please!

    • GangstaGreenRecords

      Trust me they shook a nation, They had California, THey wernt bad ppl, They were tryin to help evryone, Look at cali now, arnold as governor, They just screwed it up, Back then they couldnt control cali, they had riots and all that,

  • lafrik

    they didn’t kill him at first cause they needed him as i understand from this short article. Kind of far fetched but even if it’s true that’s what they would want us to think.

  • tony franchise

    i agree with keep it real, woking for law enforcement i know the us govt. has bigger fish to fry. i loved tupac but you give him way to much credit. Now suge knight being part of his death i’ll buy it.

  • suspicious

    And what a coincidence. In both instances, there have been no convictions in the murders of these two men. Sounds suspicious to me.

  • I strongly believe this suppression is the US Government’s favorite tactic against blacks and black people don’t even know it. They spread rumors about black people and have blacks kill blacks. The truth to all this is one common denominator – Suge Knight. When those really in charge took out Tupac and Biggie, they stopped all activism with Pac and totally dumb downed music, started that East Coast/West Coast crap and ended an era. You see New York’s rap scene was shut down first then the West Coast. The truth is out there and Suge Knight and P-Diddy know the truth but are suppressed.

  • LuxDeluxeCrew

    Most of you are forgetting that Pac was born and raised under the black panther ethos. His music was merely a door to a wider goal. And that was indeed to galvanise the black community and create a stronger bond between black people, in particular young black men. This is where he eventually wanted to take the t.h.u.g.l.i.f.e message. Some of you think the highlight of his life was the California Love song. SMH.

  • LuxDeluxeCrew

    Pac was one of the most ferocious weapons the black community had at their disposal. A pity that no one of equal intelligence took him under their wing and cultivated it…

  • Why is the FOOLISHNESS even making the news. My people…

  • shynum1

    I can see how some people are saying that Tupac was just a thug, its not true. He wanted more for the black community. If you think t.h.u.g.l.i.f.e was so transparent. I challenge you to do you’re research on his life and see what he really was about. Making silly comments on a subject you clearly know nothing about shows how ignorant & blind people have become. Look around and investigate whats really going on with the black community. Are there any positive songs being played daily on the radio? Where are the young black youths that are giving back to their communities? Nowadays there is a large population of blacks with degrees and still don’t have jobs, and not thinking of creating their own businesses. They help us fighting against each other, where is the unity?

  • Da Angel

    I agree with the above poster. Making a multi-million dollar business to get to ONE man is a bit asinine. If they wanted 2pac dead they could’ve taken him out anytime, anywhere for any reason.

    This is just another story for 2pac fans to believe he was some larger than life, dangerous iconic figure when he was just a big mouth rapper who got caught slipping.

    The government set up a lot of people but I’m sure 2pac & Death Row wasn’t a part of their agenda. I mean didn’t everyone on Death Row rap about murdering other Black people? 2pac wasn’t all conscious, in fact he suppressed being conscious when he signed to Death Row. No more “Panther Power”..lol so this is some bull*****
    I agree with the above poster. Pac was just another loud rapper who got shot. Lots of people who are close to him could not put up with his attitude and loud mouth. You do not change the world by rapping about sleeping with some else wife in the name of beef, Instead of looking for a way to solve the beef. His attitude led to his death, he was no activist.

  • hello

    @ Mau Mau warrior, i agree. If there is a story at all here, it would be about the government using a label to feed the black community negative and destructive images, stereotypes,etc.

    Tupac was a conflicted man and artist, wanting to straddle two worlds ( enlightened cultural warrior vs thug life) but I grew up on him and he did not influence the way I think at all, good or bad ( my family did that). This book is attempting to feed into the urban legend already surrounding Pac. But the government controlling our media and what messages are put out… interesting ( is it even a question?)!

  • Only time will tell…

  • JCredible86

    Anybody that says Pac wasnt powerful is a lie!!!!

    IM FROM THE COAST. Everybody had a pac cd. If you said pac wasnt the $#!t to the wrong person you could get it.

    If you dont BELIEVE IN CONSPIRACY THEORIES google OPERATION NORTHWOODS. The government gave cuba supplies to terrorist attack america but it fell through. Black people better start reading

  • GangstaGreenRecords

    Who this guy, This guy is the first one Ive seen who actualy is telling the truth, For the first time someone tells us legit facts, Thx man and I support u cuz u kno wassup