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Dirty Money, Rick Ross & Nicki Minaj Drop “Hello Good Morning” Remix [Video]


Diddy, Kaleena and Dawn of Dirty Money are back with the remix video to their new single “Hello, Good Morning.”

The trio tacked on verses from Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj whose “Did I Kill The Queen?” line is the  apparent source of Lil Kim’s ongoing beef with the rapper.

Check out Dirty Money and Diddy with his reported replacements for B.I.G. and the Queen Bee below.

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  • Badd

    I used to like Nicki,
    But she just looks silly.
    Actually all of them do.
    She is such a gimmick..

    She wasn’t always like this.,,
    She saw how popular it was & how much
    money she coudl make after GAGA
    & Toyko Diva did it..,,then
    she decided to drop her
    hoodrat, ghetto, wannabe superwoman
    mentality behind & tried to be some kind of a

    Not that I for the whole Barbie thing, but
    it would make alot more sense if she
    actually looked like a Barbie.

    None of the song that are just
    her have gone far…which is why I don’t think
    her album is going to do well….i don’t think
    Drake’s will either…Nicki’s especially not
    in the U.K….

    I think that’s one reason why Lil Kim
    is mad at Diddy now is because Nicki & Rick Ross
    look like her & Biggie back in the day but with less talent.

    But anywayss..everyone knows Dirty-Money
    is going to be a floppp.
    I wish Diddy would put as much effort
    into talent like Janelle Monae as he
    does for this group

  • KOOL

    whoever you are I totally agree!

  • Mz_Blaze

    lol me 3

  • I love NM style but Lil Kim can rap her outta them wigs

  • Dem $treet$

    She looks more and more like that homo girl that said she ate that down low rapper female’s box

  • Badd

    Actually Dirty Money is a flop.
    The don’t have any hits & nobody really likes
    them or pays attention to them.
    Nicki was not always like this !
    So you do your research & get off this site since
    you don’t know about hip hop.
    She started doing this but the half-assed
    version when she got with Young Money.
    But before when she had Beam Me Up
    & I get crazy she was trying to be some
    kind of a superwoman..before that she was
    a hoodrate & there are NUMEROUS photos
    out there of her looking like one…She was NOT
    like this….She would wear the cheapest outfits.
    You can see it when she did the Lil Kim-remake
    picturesss…& No one said lil Kim got big
    because of Biggie.

  • nigasaki

    She went in the hotel with Diddy, and came out an illuminati puppet.

  • Kunta Kentae

    She looks like a damn fool!

  • Nickii

    Every Group That Diddy Made Flopped Even Day26 I Love Them But After I’mma Put It On Her They Went Missing So I Dont Knw Why He Thinks Diddy Dirty Money Is Gonna Go Far….Still Nickii Is Goin Mad With These Hair Colours Woow I Love It!

  • I thought she killed A queen, not The queen…

  • shannon

    Diddy is asz! lol idk how he got money

  • Lil Kim had on a similar wig years ago….
    Hmm….Her stylist or whoever knows EXACTLY what they are doing…

  • all yall btch hatten lil kim sit yo old azz down nikki not thinking bout u u thinking bout her she is way harder than u look way better than u all yall gurls and boys mad at nikki cause she making it and yall not cause yallwish yall could be where she at nikki just human we all change so yall btches move th fck on cause nikki that new barbie that everybody wanna be lil kim get ova it you old nwes and by the way nikki can kill yo azz have u hear that song emien even blazed yo fake azz so get at nikki and her tem signing off i got yo back nikki team.