Pro sports referees are human just like anybody else but they still manage to make some terrible calls. Which, could still be somewhat baffling, considering their choice of profession.

The latest big story headscratcher came courtesy yesterday afternoon as Richard Jefferson put Michael Kidd-Gilchrist on an Instagram poster during the Dallas Mavericks matchup against the Charlotte Hornets at American Airlines Center. In his 13th NBA season, Jefferson, 34, could be considered to be a geezer in terms of basketball years but his fast break dunk reminded everyone that he can still jump out of the gym if need be.

The only issue is, his two-point slam was waved off and turned into an offensive foul. Kidd-Gilchrist clearly contested the shot of a moving opponent and Jefferson didn’t use any part of his body to clear his path (à la Derek Anderson).

Peep Richard Jefferson’s return to his rookie year down below. The Mavs still squashed Michael Jordan’s bugs by a score of 92-81.


Photo: NBA

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