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Lil Wayne’s Daughter Banned From Visiting Him At Rikers Island


One day after after millions of men celebrated Father’s Day, one dad in particular was not allowed to see their oldest child.

Antonia “Toya” Carter is confirming reports that she did not let her 12-year-old daughter visit her father Lil Wayne at Rikers Island prison and in fact, doesn’t allow her to visit him at all.

Reginae Carter is the oldest of Lil Wayne’s four children by four different women and according to her mother Toya, she will never visit the New York prison where her father is incarcerated.

Speaking in an interview with VIBE, Toya tells the publication that Reginae’s not allowed to visit the facility, a decision she and Wayne made together.

“That’s no place for a kid to go. [Wayne and I] just decided not to let her go [to Riker’s Island] period. She’s never been. He makes sure he talks to his daughter every day, talking and writing is enough.”

Toya also adds that although Reginae’s not allowed inside, she prepared Father’s Day gifts for Lil Wayne that she would deliver before the mother and daughter duo spent the holiday together.

“[Reginae’s] writing her father a letter and she took pictures for him. When I go visit, I’ll bring it to him,” says Toya. We may spend [the day] with my father or just together.”

For more of Toya with VIBE click here.

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  • BayAreaChick

    I have to agree. I have a friend that I would go visit and the atmosphere was messy for me as a grown woman to endure, let alone a child. This is not a normal circumstance in which to visit someone and the conversations that are had in a place like are not what children need to be exposed to. I would see children in there listening to adult conversations dealing with adult situations and it desensitizes them, there is enough of that without bringing a child into it.

  • lilkunta

    Wow, Toya is actually being a mother. good for her.

    • lilkunta, i no dat u may not like toya but i am preaty sure that she is tryin to be the best mother that she can so u need to lay aff if u have nothin to say nice then dont say anything at all u put your self in her shoes u dont no wat she is goin through. y dont u be a real woman and grow up u are actin very childish


    i agree, a jail is not a place for a child. but, uh, can yall please find a real reason for this chick to be relevant. cause having a CHILD with her EX-husband, just ain’t doing it.

  • SunshinePrincess

    I have to agree….I don’t think visiting a parent in jail for a child is the best thing (especially when he will be out by the end of the year or early next yr). I went to visit a jail for a field trip back when I was in high school and that was HELLA crazy!

    The reason why she is relevant is because people made her relevant. She stayed in the background for a long time and she was thrust into the forefront because, for some reason, people wanted to know all about: who was Lil Wayne’s baby mama? why he left Nivea (who he was engaged to) and up & married his baby mama? why did they get divorced? why is she the only one he wifed up? etc.. I agree, having a baby with your husband is NOT a reason to be famous, but for some reason our society has a warped view on what a celebrity is/should be (hence reality TV taking over primetime TV which is pushing TRUE actors off of television).

  • dee dee

    its good that he talks to his daughter and write her everyday so that not being able to see him will be a lil less of some pain. but i agree prison is not a place a child to be.


  • VA Lovah

    I think they made a great choice for her not to visit him there. Seems like they have a few parenting skills.

  • hd

    I totally disagree kids do need to see there parents in prison because they need to know that there actions has consequences and if you don’t obey the law that’s where they will end up!!!!

  • WTF

    I’m neutral about it…. I agree with Toya and I agree with learning a lesson by seeing him in the predicament… But at the end of the day she knows daddy is a celebrity and he’ll be out before you know it…Can’t say the same for the other guys locked up

  • controlequalspower

    Good for her, no place for children!

  • Robin Smith JNR

    GET OUT SOON MAN . And make us Happy . You know it Gh we love you .

  • mahiyah

    i think that jacked up i would want 2 go see ma dad if he was in jail!!mannnnn i would be mad as i dont no what!!!!!