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50 Cent To Host “Forever Young Day” In New York


50 Cent is continuing to uphold the mission of his G-Unity Foundation, this time by stepping up to host “Forever Young Day” for youth in New York.

The rapper and aspiring actor will make an appearance in Queens, New York Saturday June 26th to host the event at Baisley Park.

Aimed at inspiring youth to become active in the community and avoid street life, Fifty says that he wants children to learn from his own personal experience.

He tells the New York Daily News,

“I want to be able to go and talk to them and [have] them really feel what my experience has been…They do what they’re influenced to do.”

In addition to encouraging youth to stay out of trouble the event will also encourage youth to exercise though not quite as much as the rapper who recently shed 60 pounds for a movie role.

Fifty also says that he tried to previously host an event similar to Forever Young Day last year but that it was quickly postponed by police over safety concerns.

He will not perform at Saturday’s event.

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  • smith

    look at this fuc*ing thug!!! parents need to quit letting there kids listen to these type of nigg*rs…will smith is a good role model for the youth not trash like 50 cent

    • ann

      People are a product of there environment, and they are capable of change. Why don’t you go out and do something good and stop judging people who are!!!!!

  • Realfolk

    He’s giving bak to the kids….how can u crucify him 4 that?

  • Hi_Man

    May be his all person is not a role model but what i really appreciate in him is his motivation he could do anything if he wants . Ice Cube is a good role model too .



  • ha ha ha

    I luv u!!

  • smith

    @hi-man: i totally agree with your first sentence but ice cube is kind of borderline inappropriate for the youth…he is the poster child for gangsta rap but he is a go getter who is family oriented.

    @mega: i feel you

    @realfolk: him giving back to the community is a promotional stunt…most these artist are told by some type of record exec. or public relations person to go out into the community and make nice with the “common folks” dont think for a second that 50 was sitting in his mansion where he is having orgies probably everyday thinking to himself “WHAT CAN I DO TO GIVE BACK” lmfao..to people like him we are dollar signs and the more of us he can get on his side the more money he going to have to buy ignorant jewelry and cars that he dont need…this guy is garbage and im glad his records arent selling like they used to and i hope he fades away…

  • smith

    @dave: dont jump on the bandwagon and support trash like 50 cent just because you think that his music is “hot”…it is well documented that he was a successful drug dealer and im sure that when he was dealing that poison to people he wasnt “giving back to the community” which further illustrates the fact that im trying to stress when i say the only reason he giving back now is to promote HIMSELF…when people are no longer buying his albums you will see that he will stop attempting to give back…its all a promotional stunt…go to will smiths website and see all the stuff that he has done for not just his community but for people all over the world CONSISTENTLY for the past 20 years…nuff said

  • Dame

    For all the hater you guys should go slap yourself. Wat rappers do you know that give back to there community.. Not diddy, not jay-z but they so call ran new York but don’t put any money back into the community.

  • smith

    @bylaw: if you read my statement closer you fool you will see that i said “he is promoting himself” which doesnt specifically mean he is promoting a album…he just want to get people in the palm of his hand and like i told someone else on here go look at will smith webpage and you will see a rapper who has been giving back to not only his community but the whole world for the past 20 years..dont message me anymore…nuff said