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Glenn Beck Says Race Relations Were “Right On Track” Before Civil War [Audio]


Glenn Beck is continuing to stir up controversy with his idiotic, insensitive and eccentric comments, this time about race relations in the United States prior to the Civil War.

On his June 25th edition of the Glenn Beck program the conservative radio show host/ FOX News commentator somehow managed to gloss over the atrocities of slavery when talking about race relations before the war that divided the North and the South.

According to Beck the Civil war was “politicized” into being all about slavery and before then Beck says Blacks and Whites were being treated as equals.


He uses as an example, a time when Black and White heroes from the Revolutionary War were buried with full honors and received identical treatment. He says however that “It really started to go wrong” in the lead up to civil war.


“Tonight you will see that… I’ll show you clippings from the newspaper of the war heroes as they were buried with full honors from the Revolutionary War, where they were getting full benefits. I will show you, I held in my hand the statement on benefits from George Washington…there was no delineation between white and black. It was white/black it didn’t matter.

“If you fought there was nothing like that from our founders. And when you see the newspaper clippings of African Americans who fought heroically and received full military honors and were buried at such and such…The things that have happened in this country, where it really started to go wrong, was in the lead up to the civil war. And it became politicized, and it was all about slavery. Before then we were moving on the right track, you’ll learn things tonight you’ve never, ever learned before and you’ll ask yourself, “Why?”


What planet are you on sir?

Listen to audio from Glenn Beck’s show below.

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  • Cervantes

    You mean do actual work? No way, I’d rather let someone else tell me how I’m supposed to feel about this.

    • Guest

      @CERVANTES you seem to agree with Glenn Beck’s point of view. The whites came in bad condition? yes, but from their own country, and coming to North America only to spread all sorts of diseases and colds that were never even known in the western hemi. Serfdom is not liberty, so they decided to kill a whole race of natives in order to get their own liberty

  • Stephanie

    umm…totally sounds like he’s pulling everything out of his A$$…then again he’s a loon soo

  • brad
  • Lisa

    Who is Beck trying to convince that he and his ilk are not racist? Himself? His opponents? His viewers? Some white folks are in so much denial about how racist and evil white people can be. The only difference between today’s racism and the racism that happened in the 19th and 20th centuries was that, back then, it was blatant and your face. Today racisms is more institutionalized. Black people have NEVER and will NEVER receive equal treatment in America. Beck needs to get a clue and accept the fact that his people are racist.

    • Ambidextrous

      I don’t know why I bother because some some close-minded idiot will just claim I’m a racist. I haven’t ever listened to Glenn Beck and didn’t listen this time. Of course whites and blacks weren’t treated equally in the 1850’s but progress was definitely being made. Both the sufferage movement and the abolitionists had been gaining ground and swaying public opinion. In 1855, six years before the civil war Boston integrated its public schools. Was progress being made fast enough or were things equal, no of course not, but progress was being made.

  • Hold up

    Glen Beck is a racist and an idiot, but I heard the show and the entire point of the show he did that day was one where he did an entire show on how BLACKS hlped to build this country.

    If you do listen to or read the transcript of that one show, that was the ONE where he wasn’t being a jerk..

    y’all need to stop jumping to conclusions because someone post a short clip witht he show being put out of context…

  • Truth
  • mike

    If you would spend as much time studying history from the truth as you did bashing beck you would know he is right . my great great great great grandfather was black and he fought side by side with whites but history has been changed to keep us from the truth. Just like Neo in the matrix he know not the truth most people are lost in a false history. No mater how hard it was for Neo to see that he was in the Matrix that is how hard it is going to be for most people to see that Beck is right

  • Pantherbaby

    To all the whites on here defending Glenn Beck racist mean spirited behind and the Stephin Fetchit/Micheal Steeke boot lickers who think because your neutral your more liked let me say this:We blacks know what all the anger Glenn Beck and others have is about you have been told all your life your better than others had breaks and chances you didn’t earn or deserve but its not so easy now its a battle over resources there’s not enough to go around for everyone and now you have to put up or shut up its highly competitive that’s what this is about.

    • dhunt512

      Amen brother/sister Amen! You hit the proverbial nail on the head! White people can not accept the fact things are becoming more competitive(jobs,resources,education,wealth,etc.) and the demographic of America is changing! They are being exposed to a fraction of what we have always dealt with, and they cannot even handle that! Shows you how weak, simple, unappreciative, hateful and a sense of entitlement they possess!

      • I could throw info out there all day to either support what Beck says or goes against what Beck says. Believe all what you want, but what I see and believe is we are trying to find racism in everything we do. Beck at least is trying to bring us together. I think we were making great progress up to before the Civil War, and the south ruinned it. Then the 1900’s came and really ruined relations between us and white people. The more I research, the more I see we have been going backwards for some time now. Our founders actually made great strides in relations between whites and blacks, and America even had blacks that used to be slaves and then got freed and actually fought for us. They didn’t hold slavery against white people, they picked themselves up and fought for us, so we all could be free. I have recently left the dem party, b/c they try to cause turmoil between whites and us. Its getting sickening and we as blacks believe it. Shows how ignorant we really are. Wake up my brothers, we have evil all around us and evil is leading our country. It’s time to take a stand and not rely on govt to do everything for us. We are not victims. We need to stop acting like we are, its getting ridiculous. Get over it and stand up for whats right. The dems are killing this country. I think Glen Beck is doing somthing special. I dont watch him b/c I work nights, but from what I see and from the way he is treated by the media, he must be doing somthing right.

  • Aaron

    To all people saying you need to read up or get the facts about Racism: Here is a brief reading list of scholarly works that demonstrate how insane Beck’s claims are. Yes, pleas go out and read about this matter, not on blogs, but in read real academic works on the subject.
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    • I am black and can tell you from being a major in early American history, Beck is right on.

  • Pantherbaby

    Pultizer prize winning author Douglas Blackmon wrote a book that was very disturbing called Slavery By Another Name (he is a white guy) the book was work he took 10 years researching court records, old newspapers and archives found in libraries of proof that slavery didn’t end in 1865 it was refined and called Peonage which meant if you were suspected of committing a crime or couldn’t prove who you were you were arrestee and put on trial a company would bail you out of jail or pay your fine then you had to work your debt off indefinately. Glenn Beck needs to study his history.

  • jake

    Read up on the Mormon religion. Beck is to the right of that. He is very good at distorting facts. I know black history, and I know Beck is full of shhhhhhhhh

  • TPhillips115

    This is interesting. I am a Black Independent American. My views are gathered from listening and researching. No one should follow any man. Come to your own conclusion. This is the second show GB has had on Black American Founders and it is very strange that the differnet stories about our Black Forefathers have been slowly and methodically censored. It is easier to believe that all Blacks were treated as unequals due to the history we have learned in Public schools. DO your own research like the gentleman above, Panther baby. Also try “It’s Okay to leave the Plantation” which is similar to the book he mentions. “History in Black and White” is another good one with a lot of footnotes. Black history did not begin with the Civil Rights movement. Pop culture has continued to erode our history and distort facts.

  • @SandalsnPearls

    He must have forgotten that Prince Hall lived before the Civil War. Poor guy *pats his head*.

  • @SandalsnPearls

    Cervantes, I encourage you to research the person in my comment. Even though he was just one person, his attempts alone prove that even with honor, character, and military service, race relations were not on track.

    As for everyone else, use more logic than emotion when showing Beck’s ignorance. I’m a professional historian. There’s enough information out there to prove him incorrect.

  • Leethea Boisierre

    Glenn Beck and others like him wish for the days of old when blacks were in line and subserviant. During the civil war blacks were in segregated soldier camps usually put on the front line and enemies captured were treated better than them! If Glenn Beck wants to rehash history let’s tell the true history not just the nice parts.

  • shon

    Let the weakiest link run his big mouth.

  • pantherbaby

    @Cervantes. Peonage was on the law books since the 18th century but strictly enforced with black former slaves because let me remind you whites lost money when slavery ended many were counting on the free labor and also had paid sometimes over $1,000 for a slave. Let me say this about the black men who were arrested and forced to work for free many of them weren’t criminals remember this was before there were state identification cards so you really didn’t know who people were unless they were born and raised in a town, so some black men who were traveling from town to town and couldn’t prove who they were got arrested for crimes such as “vagrancy” which means your hanging around and we don’t know you” . This was a scam to keep people working for free and many companies were doing this some still around today Union Railroad was one of them.

  • Cervantes

    I am 35 years young.
    I never said, nor do I claim that slavery in America did not exist, or was any more comfortable than serfdom. What I claim is this, not everyone was out to get the black man. Believing that is like some fool high on his own flatulence 100 years from now saying everyone was out to get the Mexican and nobody cared. I recommend that anyone that cares to know, read. Read everything. You can’t take one or 10 books (history books) and assume you know it all. Anyone that claims to know it all is lying. But for a man to say he knows something different is another case. For instance, I didn’t know that Texas citizens elected over 30 black men as state legislators in the late 19th century, when all of American whites supposedly hated all American blacks, or blacks in general. We’re not trying to forget the. Sins committed against blacks, just trying to cast a little light on some previosly undisclosed history.

  • Pantherbaby

    @Cervantes. I’m not a racist or obsessed with racism or think everything is a conspiracy I’m actually in a interracial marriage and have friendships with people from other countries but I had to comment on Glenn Beck because I was a history major in College so I have researched race relations in the Deep South before the civil war to know there was animosity not only with blacks but as time went on and other people came here from Italy,China and spanish speaking countries weren’t accepted either that’s why they stated amongst themselves some still do to this day.

  • Cervantes

    @pantherbaby, I thought you were semi educated till I re-read your post. Do you know why slaves were given 3/5s voter status? Slaves outnumbered whites in the south. Slaves were not expected to be allowed to speak for themselves and would undoubtedly vote as they were told. If slaves were given a full vote, the abolition of slavery may have been delayed for years. Now I know you are either intellectually dishonest or intentionally misleading any that look up to you. For shame.

  • Mic

    Cervantes….SHUT UP!

  • reality check

    Before you attack beck check the history out instead of showing every reader how stupid you are. Check out Wall Builders, read, study, then use your brain. Do not except everything everyone says, or the screwed up history we have been programmed to believe. I mean think about this, all I have to do is say I like Bush, Rush, Glen, or Sarah and you hate me, and that makes me a white racist. And you don’t know anything about history or me.

  • carl marx

    Black Africans sold other black african captured in tribal warfare into slavery.This is important to reconicise this. Which ever trib one the prisoners they took would be made slaves and sold.
    Slavery in the US was a blessing to Black africans, they were housed, feed, clothed, given medical care when sick anmd taught to become civilized. It also brought them to the Greatest Country on the planet. If not for Slavery there may be very little African Americans today and the country would be worse off for it.Was slavery brutal..Yes but at the same time the slave was considered like ( For the sake of Argument)A farm animal. The plantation owners paid good money for slaves and sick or wipped up slaves could not work.Therefore the plantation owner need to take care of his slave with good housing,food clothing no having them wipped or worked to death. of course there were exceptions but I think not many.
    Unfortunatly what nobody will admit is the issue of slavery comes down to the almighty dollar.Slave labor= cheap labor verus the norther poor white factor worker in sweat shops with strikes & demands.
    But African americans should not feel alone actually they are the only minorty that has got an special treatment,oops I mean affrimitive actions. We stole this whole country from the Indian nations, killed them, infected them with disease, took their land forced them to live on parcels of land we had no use for or deem unsable of any financial gain.They were also made slaves in some cases but most were raped or murdered or both, whole proud nation wiped out by greedy whites.
    There are also the mexicans we f@#$%d them too. out of land, were made slaves etc. and today the migrant worker is exploited all over american sort of a present day answer to slavery of old.
    Slavery was legal in Every Country at one time or another. it was legal here since the beginning of this country.The south did nothing legally wrong in having slaves or leaving the union.So….Who’s to blame?? is there anybody to blame?? The South?The
    North? America as a whole? Black Africans who sold there captured into slavery?The Jews that Financed the
    Slave ships?God? Nature?Greed? God???

  • Ethan Hobart

    Cervantes: In regard to the 3/5th clause. That wasn’t about voting, it was about apportioning the number of representatives that a state got in the House. The slave holding states actually wanted their slaves counted as full people, in order to increase their representation in Congress, and the non-slave holding states didn’t want slaves counted at all, due to the fact that, since they weren’t voting citizens, it would be wrong to include them in the statistics that determined representation. The 3/5th was a compromise to keep the slave holding states from withdrawing from the Constiutional convention completely.

  • Gucci Princess

    someone, pls get this nicca a pen!s enlargement,
    so that he can feel whole.


  • leethea boisierre

    @Gucci. You are effing hilarious! my laugh for today

  • OnlyaFoolKnowsEverything

    @Cervantes -you say>>>@pantherbaby, I thought you were semi educated till I re-read your post. Do you know why slaves were given 3/5s voter status? Slaves outnumbered whites in the south…<<<

    ? Maybe I am the ignorant one – I thought anyone labelled as a "slave" didn't have the right to vote. When freed Black men were legally granted that right, they were often chased, beaten and given "literacy tests" to insure they could not exercise that right. Never mind that I thought Pantherbaby said 3/5 human, not 3/5 vote.

    But speaking of voting, if all slaves were given AND exercised the right to vote, why do you say "abolition may have been delayed for years"? Is that a typo or do you think slaves would vote against freedom much in the same way career criminals deliberately get re-incarcerated rather than face life in an environment of freedom which they aren't used to?

    It's a question, not a challenge, so no need to comment about my intellect… or lack thereof 🙂 I'm not coming at you like that; I'm just not following your dialogue and initially I thought you both raised points very nicely. Thanks!

  • Face the Facts

    Racism is alive today! Only it’s not done because of hate… It is done for power and money. Just ask Sharpton, Jackson, or the many other millionaires who have never really had a real job before. They scream and cry race and tell their “people” that you can’t accomplish anything because the white devil won’t let you… Then the Dems come up with welfare to “help” which just keeps generation after generation in the poor house. Let me slap you in the face with some reality…

    The biggest obsticle black people face is… Black people. You were not a slave… Your parents were not slaves… Get over it… Next time you start feeling like throwing a pity party… Find an indian (if you can) and ask them about their ancestors.

    Stop killing each other. Gang violence is ridiculous. Just because someone drives down your street, dates you ex, or God forbid…looks at you… That’s no reason to shoot them. Not to mention a favorite of Dems… Abortion.. Where more black babies are being aborted by a 3 to 1 margin.

    Stay in school. Education is important… And no… Not the street kind. So, selling drugs and stealing is easier than reading a book or getting a job… But you will never amount to anything but jail. More blacks are in prison today than any other race… And it isn’t because of those racist police. Which reminds me… The code of silence is stupid… If you know this guy killed another guy… Tell the cops.

    Another thing… You are not African-American unless you were born in Africa. You are just American. I can’t for the life of me figure out how blacks can hate America because of slavery.. But give a pass to a continent that MADE their ancestors slaves.. And where there is still slavery today. A place where to this very day… Parents are selling their own children into slavery!

    I could go on about single parent homes…etc. etc.

    The facts are this… This is America.. You can do or be anything you want if you work hard despite what people tell you…

  • backupfromzero

    Caught GB’s show last nite,just to hear the lastest in America’s new history. As a Canuck I was dissapionted at no mention of all the black slaves that escaped north in 1783 known as the Black Exodus. It was the British that used slaves first with the promise of freedom. The Revolutionaries would rather fight as white gentlemen than use slaves. They eventually relented to allowing slaves to fight along side them. My reference is Dr. Leonard Jefferies Jr. Now I know GB wants to some how be apart of something big like civil rights, but trying to change history in this day and age well he’ll need one huge jar of kool-aid. I thinking Beck wants to be black.

  • joe

    I would love to line most of you idoits up and put you on a ship to cuba. You dont even know what a racists is except when you look at yourself in a mirror. Take things out of context inorder to cry like a baby about somthing.

    dude was saying blacks where hero’s. Proud people who should not be forgoten. Some how you turn into a victim again. The World is tired of cry babys. You should be ashamed.

  • carl marx

    Like I said in my earlier post Black Africans sold Black Africans and for those who came to America it was the best thing that could have happened to them. Read the slave narritives, you’ll see my desendants took good care of your (Black)ancestors.They really didn’t beat them all that much. Many were proud owners.Anyway blacks today just need to stop making excuses for their bad behavior, high crime rates, fatherless children etc.Put the Blame where it belongs…on yourselves.

  • backupfromzero

    Caught the GB show last nite to see what was going to be the new America’s history. As a Canuck I was dissapointed by the lack of reference to the Black Exodus to Canada in 1783 or that the British used the slaves first in battle, with the promise of freedom. the Revolutionariers would rather fight as white gentlemen, eventually taking on slaves in battle. My reference is DR. Leonard Jefferies Jr. I know that GB has tried to rewrite most of history, however he’s going to need a very large jar Kool-aid . I’m waiting for him to bring up the natives and that there really wasn’t a Big Horn or a Wounded Knee , the Chinese did it , you know Mao’s great granfather.

  • erica

    This would be a more interesting commentary if those who posted intelligent responses could actually spell correctly or use proper grammar. It makes posts unreadable and/or discounts whatever someone is trying to state when so poorly executed.

  • malephoenix

    This audio file is about something he’s going to show later on his tv show. Does anyone have a link to a clip of that?

    Secondly, it’s VERY out of context. Saying “Glenn Beck Says Race Relations Were ‘Right On Track’ Before the Civil War” is factually accurate. However, this is a classic case of the facts getting in the way of the truth. Because it’s clear from this soundbite alone that he’s saying that race relations were healing up and becoming healthier BEFORE being hyper-politicized. That’s EXACTLY what he’s saying concerning the church he mentioned. (Which is weird that the sound clip was left in there when they clearly edited it out of the written transcript.) He isn’t saying “Things needed to stay segregated.” He’s saying “Look! Here’s even an example of how the people were making things healthier before the gov’t’s involvement.”

    I’m just a visitor here, so I haven’t been reading Hip Hop Wired for years to get a good feel for what they’re about. But this doesn’t read like quality reporting. This reads like a lame blogger’s personal soapbox. Ignorance doesn’t look good on anyone.

  • Pantherbaby

    @Cervantes. You think you know what I’m saying when you don’t so let me clarify. You think just because someone speaks about a day in time that was bad for some people I’m saying all whites are evil? I never said that or thought that so where are you getting that from? Its unfortunate we cannot speak about race without people thinking you hate someone can we just have a candid discussion? I don’t follow your thought process all whites aren’t evil there’s good and bad in every racial group.

  • dddddd

    instead of putting a long-A$$-comment on here im just going to say that hes and idiot

  • Pantherbaby

    @Notacracker. You can agree with Beck that’s your choice but you need to understand why a lot of people find Beck’s “appreciation” of blacks in the civil war to be suspect and why many people simply think he’s trying to be nice to smooth things over so people will forget just last month Beck made some very mean spirited comments about Malia Obama who is 11 years old which pissed a lot of people off real bad did you think we forgot that? This grown adult man attacking an 11 year old saying “you see how unintelligent those people are” well maybe this current good gesture Mr. Beck is doing distracted sheep type people who follow people like a herd without thinking but those awful comments he made about a child showed what’s in his heart he’s not a good guy and were not falling for his recent distraction.

  • Pantherbaby

    @notacracker. Your black and you like Glenn Beck that’s fine you can differ in opinion from me and I don’t hate you or will attack you because whatever works for you if your happy fine there have been people like you throughout history who felt that people “loved” them and accepted them I hope it works out for you and that you don’t lose your identity.

  • hcppam

    He was not speaking of the AR. Why don’t you listen to the show are you that full of hate, that you chose to believe blacks had no hand in the revolution, remember the British believed in slavery, untold free blacks served with honer and Beck is telling their story. I for one am grateful to hear of them. He is not saying racism was not rampant in the south but many whites and blacks lived together. Remember women and children of all men were considered property before the revolution also.

  • So, has anyone cracked a book to read a little history yet? Maybe some people in the media trade incite reactions from people that are half awake to get them worked up enough to try and learn something themselves, just to prove the messenger wrong.
    But as typically is the case, many resort to throwing together letters that resemble words in order to castigate what they think has to be some veiled attack based on racism.
    I know @pantherbaby is a reader.
    I hope we can continue our conversation.

  • OfromVA

    I love reading things like this, because i am always reminded of how insensitive and/or racist the White people around me are. I love being reminded of how dismissive they are of the feelings of minority groups. It doesnt even upset me anymore, because i expect it. I love being reminded of the way White people really feel about Black people and of the things they say when they are behind closed doors or behind the veil of a screen name.

  • Cervantes

    @pantherbaby, I’m glad to know we can speak openly.
    My technique of dropping some knowledge and misplacing or twisting it just a bit was developed by my experience in blogs. I used to get upset because the conversation would just turn to insults and then nothing. By misrepresenting an argument, I successfully coaxed others into the fray that had correct info and wished to make a fool out of me w/ my own words.
    My attempt here was to highlight the reason for counting a slave as 3/5ths. My secondary target was to get someone to ask why were they counted at all.

    Also, wanted to see if anyone would reason out what the south would have looked like if slaves were counted as a whole person, what would we look like today(politically not physically)?
    Lets ignore Beck in this, and focus on history.
    I’m still trying to secure my books to conduct my studies so that I might know what I wasn’t taught in school.

  • Pantherbaby

    @Cervantes. Now you see how true progress is made people speaking honestly about things without personal attacks and name calling that’s good. As I mentioned I’m not a racist and I don’t hate anyone all of this back and forth we have done I never got mean spirited towards you and ignored some things you said that I know are inaccurate I did so because I saw there were people commenting who would love for this to turn into a black vs. White thing, I never would participate in such ugliness and the debate with you stayed just that a debate not a online fistfight that’s so unproductive.

  • josh

    how can someone who uses the term “white pecka wood” call someone else racist….wouldn’t that be like the pot calling the kettle______?

    • southern belle

      Content of character, not political affiliation or race. remember this? good. Calling someone a peckerwood etc is racist so let’s not be foolish eh? racism is racism PERIOD! hate is hate and to have hate in one’s heart is to be devoid of God.

  • M.White

    @Carl Marx… there is a reason no one responded to you

  • Lily

    Glen Beck is an ignorant person full of hate, this guy is just trying to stir things around, I’m pretty sure his intentions are pretty nasty, he is a second Hitler, is very obvious.

  • Carl Marx

    M. White, I know what you are saying, a lot of people can’t handle the truth. It is especially Black Africans.They’ve tried hard over the years to act tame but as the old saying goes, you can take the boy out of the jungle but you can’t take the jungle out of the boy!!

  • Suki

    What drug is he taking and where can I get some? I need the drug so I can see things thru rose-colored glasses.

  • Tom

    Beck better stop talking that BS for someone clap his BUTT

  • Tom

    Carl marx your BUTT might get clap to for talking that BS.

    • Karl Marx

      to the black african negro brother homey that said I would not last 5 min in his “Hood”. I got news for you, I go to the Hood all the time! of course I’m packing, and being how I aim using the sights and not turn the gun sideways so I look cool, I’m more apt to hit what I aim at!!!! The gang violence or shall I say tribal warefare that happens in the “Hood”is primitive. you people can’t aim for sh**! your just barely a step above throwing spears!!!Actually you might have better luck with that method as it comes nateral to you!!

  • roland

    If I could just stop laughing, at least I was able to get up from off the floor.

  • Karl Marx

    You folks are CRAZY!!!! If the black race was left in africa there would be no more black race! or at least only a few. Slavery took a bunch of spear chunking primative monkey f@$%&er’s brought them here educated them, gave them religon,taught them to read in short civilized them. You would think they would be eternaly greatful but…..They continue to act as if they are still in the jungle. Crime through the roof, welfare and welfare fraud black on black crime simular to the tribal warfare of africa. EVERYTHING the black race has today they OWE to the white people of yesteryear!!!!!! If your not happy with your condition then simply pack your bags and move back to africa!!

  • Andrew

    Ethan Hobart,

    If you are Ethan Hobart of Ypsilanti Michigan, we need to speak to you about a hate campaign against a Buddhist monk that you were involved in some time ago. We’ll be in touch.