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Brothers Jailed For Molesting, Impregnating 10-Year-Old, Having Incestuous Relationship With Aunt


Two Georgia siblings are in police custody after authorities say they molested a 10-year-old girl for years and got her pregnant, all the while having incestuous relations with their aunt.

Danny Lee Arnold, 19, and his brother Thomas Marcus Arnold, 21, were arrested Monday and charged with child molestation, incest, cruelty to children and sexual battery after their 10-year-old relative was discovered to be pregnant.

21-year-old Thomas also faces an additional charge of aggravated sodomy.

Police say the child’s baby has since been aborted and they’ve taken the boy’s aunt, Lisa Arnold into custody after finding evidence that she had sex with her two nephews.

She has been charged with incest.

The child was taken into protective custody and put into the care of outside relatives.

Police will not say which brother was the father of the girl’s baby.

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  • That don’t make no sense that goes to show you were in a world of good an bad an they all need medical help

  • Pantherbaby

    This story is very sad and this family extremely dysfunctional, I bet others in this family saw there was some sick stuff going on and turned a blind eye to it swept it under a rug and never dealt with it but look how it grew and festered into this? Disgraceful!

  • God,reinvent me

    As I read this story,my mouth dropped! This type of evil is becoming more and more common place. We are running out of time, dont be fooled and pre-occupied by stupid, meaningless things,ppl and issues. Let’s concentrate on cleaning our ‘house’ and allow God to reconcile us back to him…before it’s to late! This is absolutely Horrible! My prayers for that child and the baby who had to die because of these MONSTERS!

  • Jamal Rhee

    This is a damn shame!! Karma will effect them in the joint
    “shorteyes” Since they like too abuse kids, they will get theirs in Gen Pop!! Pant on The Ground! Drop the soap! Bendover B*^%H!
    Now don’t get me wrong we must learn to forgive but this is hard. Children (10yrs old) Something should have click even if their parent or adult done it too them. Bad Karma, reap what you sow!!

  • lili

    this world is NO GOOD!!!!!!

  • quia2218

    I would not be surprised if they did it to others in there family as well. My heart goes out to that ten year old girl who will be scarred for the reat of her life.

  • Brit

    This story is just sick and sad i feel bad for the little girl i dont know how some people do and someone had to know what was going on

  • Simon diamond

    Sad sad sad o so sad time to really get right wit god smh wow

  • peaches


  • Pantherbaby

    Do not feel sorry for the brothers or the aunt because even if they were abused as children by relatives they had to know it was wrong at some point and were adults at the time they abused the 10 year old so no feeling sorry for them. We all know if you got any sense at all there are certain things you cannot do for example I love money I would love to go into a bank and clean them out but I don’t want to go to jail so I don’t act on it, people who were never taught consequences and had behaviors that family members saw was dysfunctional but went along with it is what we see here. I have seen this type of thing before, I know single mothers who needed help left their kids with relatives while they were working only to find out their kids were being abused,molested or neglected. Families need to stop tolerating this and put the abusers on blast and decide if its worth keeping them around your children.

  • Jessica

    WHAT THE F.UCK?!?!

  • Expand your thinking…

    This kind of tragedy has been happening since the beginning of man! This is nothing new, these people just got caught. If you follow the bible how do you think the world became populated???? Now laws are set and there are things people have been told just not to do according to someone else’s laws. You are assuming these people were abused as children. Maybe they didn’t consider it abuse. Maybe it was their way? Truly if “God” can allow Adam and Eve’s children to procreate to populate the earth, the first case of incest according to Christianity, then why is it so wrong now in 2010? What makes it sooo evil now?! Why is the world coming to an end now due to this story. Don’t be blind, this mess has been going on for ages, within multitudes of societies and cultures all over the world.

    Understand that I am not condoning what happened, I don’t even agree with it, but to make all of these sweeping, inaccurate gross assumptions is just as tragic as this story.

    The police never said that the 10 year old girl was traumatized by these events. IF IT WERE A WAY OF LIFE FOR HER, this is all she knew.

    America has so many brain washed, its sad indeed. Next time before assuming that this was NASTY or this was EVIL, do your research, expand your minds to knowing how or why things like this can happen. Get educated before judging or following the slant of some new article. That way you can base your opinion on knowledge instead of ignorance.

    AGAIN, I am not condoning this behavior, in my opinion this is dysfunctional within the parameters of this society. Doesn’t appeal to me, but I do not judge. I do not proclaim to be “God” and know that the world is coming to an end, I do not leap to conclusions that everyone in this kind of a situation was traumatized or abused. You just can’t do it.


  • alicia a

    typo.. molestation!

  • reality WRECKER

    what a disgrace to the black community but most of all what a disgrace to the human race. they should be used as subjects on animal testing.

  • It’s disgusting, they spoiled the life of a child, their life should be spoiled.

  • Rosa

    Girl this don’t make any sense… SMH

  • J.Christopher Donaldson

    These 3 stooges Had to be conceived out of boredom. Yep somebody shoulda had a headache those nights.
    But, at least they are in the pros now-They gonna learn what MOLESTATION IS FROM THE PROS!!!


  • Tell It 2 u _________________

    I was n shock when I saw they were “black”, I’m sure i’m not the only black person who was. It doesn’t shock me though, it just opens my eyes wider and wider, to how he all are the same.



  • Christ told you to ‘HATE’ ALL OF THE MEMBERS of your HOUSEHOLD in Luke 14:26 but they will LIE and tell you that God inspired that verse ‘OUT OF CONTEXT’ and you will believe anybody in ANY RELIGION that says what you want them to say but not if it is the TRUTH.