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Man Beats Daughter to Death for Crying During World Cup


As a man was trying to enjoy the World Cup series, the incessant crying of his step-daughter led him to extreme measures in quieting the distraction.

Hector Castro is accused of killing the 2-year-old after giving her a malicious beating, right before he suffocated her.

Castro has been charged with capital murder.

Taking place in McAllen, Texas, paramedics were alerted after a call from a source saying that a girl was choking.

According to reports, Castro shoved a screw down her throat to make it appear that she had died by accident and had choked on the object, but it was hard to mask the fact that she was abused.

Once in the hands of authorities, he confessed to the senseless murder.  With 4 other kids residing in the home, all were taken into the custody of the state.

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  • Pantherbaby

    I know a kid crying can get on your nerves but damn brah was you patience that short? When you read stories like this I always wonder about the other parent that they knew the parent didn’t have patient but left the kid with them anyway and look at what happened sad.

  • Leethea Boisierre

    As terrible as it is to beat a child and strangle them to death and ram a screw down a 2 year olds throat is and it is terrible I suspect that this guy really hated this kid it was his step daughter not his biological and many step parents treat step children badly and don’t really accept you I’m wondering where was the mother?

  • Hi_Man

    F*** this mother****er!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Damn!!!! If he wanna enjoy the World Cup so why the F*** he makes babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Another fool that needs mental help

  • Another fool that need metal help cuz this is a problem in many homes pleAse help theses people

  • Gucci Princess

    Now I hope that some ppl will stay off single mothers’ packageS!
    A man is not a MANDATORY ingredient. Some ppl are just animals. Arm yourselves w/ the right tools & information, & you can do just as well as two, if not better. I could go on for days abt this topic, but ignorance is bliss, and it will not be going anywhere anytime soon. Tragic.

  • StaceDawg

    This one of the most horrible things I have ever heard!! No sporting event is ever serious enough to put hands on a child!! We have f***ing DVR’s and Shyte now… Why not just pause and tend to the childs needs!! Where was the mother? I know my kids can push me to levels I dont want to be but I have never once thought of doing harm to them. This is just horribly sickening!!

  • Gucci princess is a kunt

    A man actually is mandatory to create the child, as is a woman. Either can raise it. Your feminist slant is disgusting. Ever heard of Andrea Yates?

  • tyra brown

    Besides the fact that this man is highly disturbed and dangerous, as mothers we must do better when it comes to allowing men into our lives when we have children to protect. Every man you meet should not be in your child’s life. If that man is not your child’s father DO NOT send your child with them. PERIOD!! Sorry but how can any mother trust a man THAT much? How many times does this need to proved over and over again? Mothers, we must protect our children. At all cost.

  • Jenna

    This is rediculous, WTF! Did he even stop to see why the child was cryin’ in the first place! Probably not, he needs the death penalty. Yes, I said it, there is never a good reason for putting your hands on a child in anger. I don’t understand what goes through some peoples minds, this is simply put “PURE EVIL”. This mother should be investigated also, because I highly doubt that he just snapped this one time. He probably has a history of being abusive and violent. I agree with cheryl lykes, people seriously need a wake up call and I think this pretty much sommed it up for most.