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NAACP Endorses Legalization Of Marijuana Due To Minority Arrest Rates


With the possibility of recreational marijuana becoming legal in California due to Prop 19, more endorsements have come out in support of its legalization.

The NAACP is the latest organization to offer support for the initiative.

The NAACP expressed support and “unconditional endorsement” for the initiative after considering recent study released by the Drug Policy Alliance, which found that Blacks are more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession than whites.

The study also found that in 2008 African Americans and Latinos combined comprised less than 44% of the state’s population, but together constituted 56% of the people arrested in California for possessing marijuana.

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  • Realfolk

    I also endorse the legalization….light up!!!

  • Pantherbaby

    The NAACP hasn’t been significant since Megar Evers was assasinated! Most of its members are in their 70s and 80s in the town I’m from the local NAACP office is never open they need new blood in that organization badly.

  • JKF

    Marijuana is a gateway drug that leads to harder drugs, violence, increased crime, unemployment and continued generational welfare. These men get arrested primarily because they are BREAKING THE LAW, NOT because they are Black. They stand in front of their local liquor store on the corner selling pot with a blunt in one hand and a 40oz in the other. They have NO motivation to go out and actually WORK for a living. The Black religious community is vehemently (that means “strongly” for you illiterates) opposed to this move. Someone said that marijuana has become part of the African American culture. This is BS. Not every Black man smokes pot. This “cultural” identity comes from the impoverished ghettos where they should be spending their money on milk and baby formula, NOT pot and malt liquor!