Inmate Sneaks Video Camera Into Maximum Security Prison…HBO To Air The Documentary [Video]


Omar Broadway, a New Jersey prison inmate who snuck a video camera into a maximum security prison, will be premiering his documentary on HBO on July 14th.

Billed as the first film ever directed behind bars, the movie took over three years to plan as Omar worked out an angle to sneak a camera inside.

He recorded footage for six months in Northern State Prison in Newark, New Jersey which included footage of abuse from guards, beat-downs and interaction with The Bloods street gang.

More Raw Footage Of America’s Prison System After The Jump!!! [More]

What Really Goes On In Prison

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  • StaceDawg

    I think it was a very smart idea… I think what goes on in prisons should be exposed. A lot of stories are told but most people have to see it for themselves. Most are not going to believe or care about what happens to those serving time but a lot of these prisons need to be checked when it comes to most things… after all there are many doing time innocently and so it is not right that they or anyone else inside is treated unfairly. How can any prisoner focus on making themselves better by the time they are released back into society if they have to endure bad treatment by guards and authority figures that should be helping them. How can we expect them to come out ready to do right if the whole time they were in they were treated wrong!! I have experienced prison and although I can’t say I experienced anything first hand I have seen a few incidents. If inmates are going to have any hope of being rehabilitated then there should be less trauma and more therapy in the prison system!!

  • Pantherbaby

    He might have stepped in some ish could be labeled a snitch his idea could be a mistake.

  • hmm

    America prison system is a lot better than most other countries I saw a documentry on the ones in Brazil and was like dam holes in the roof 20 men in one room men sleeping in the bath room no real clean water if you are sick then you just die no medical help nothing now they have it bad our prison system would be like heaven to them .

  • j_b.

    im sorry i kinda sont think this is real…. how in the world do the police knock on your door in prison??? and how did no police oficers see him filming these fights??? and why didn’t any of the inmates say “why are you filming me” or even those snitches didn’t tell the officers???

    • Gego

      You have to understand that C/O is often referred to as the POLICE by inmates.

  • Blessed Daughter

    I think it’s great! Kudos to Omar! Expose these Black & white devils for everything done behind those closed bars. Finally the black incarcerated man is thinking. I pray he makes millions because he is very couragous & smart to step out of the box and do something different. I just hope he is not charged with another crime (which may happen), but I’m proud of him none the less. The thing is, we have to recognize that he is not the only one with this capabilty. Prisoners have cell phones all day long now. How you ask? because Prison guards sell them all day long!

  • redcora

    spy cams can be as small as a pin.. look them up online.. just cuz you can’t conceive of somethin don’t mean its fake.

  • Jorge

    What was the name of the show?