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Nicki Minaj Makes Billboard History


Continuing to look past the negativity, Nicki Minaj scores big after making Billboard  charts as the first single by a female emcee to top the Rap Songs category in over seven years.

Trust folks, it wasn’t “Massive Attack”.

“Your Love”

Under the radar until recently, her second single “Your Love” claimed the Rap charts, a feat that was only accomplished by Lil Kim’s “Magic Stick” featuring 50 Cent, along with Missy Elliot getting it done solo with “Work It” back in ’02, according to Billboard.

With all the hype behind it, let’s applaud the H.B.I.C. and hope that a video comes shortly.

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  • PraDaMaMa


  • jia

    Good for her.

  • latoya

    i love that song you go gurl

  • BklynGirl1029

    So now its making history if you do something that two people already did before you??? Really??

  • cm

    I can’t lie while I like Nicki’s style I never thought I would be able to stomach an entire song by her. However, this song is really nice! Good work Nicki!

  • Somethin’ In the Milk Ain’t Clean

    Im shocked. But not suprised. Once Nikki is in the music business for over 10 years, with platinum selling albums then I might congratulate her. Any one can orchestrate a hit, just ask those one guys that made that song “Laffy Taffy.”


  • kendra

    How is it making history if its already been done in order to make history you need to do something that aint never been done.

  • essences

    lil kim must be extremely pissed right now

  • !!!!!


  • Bossip Fan

    Well good for her! I was wondering what song she sings or rap and why the hell is she so famous.

  • yak

    Give credit wen its due! (applause)

  • sassy3082

    Good job Miss Minaj! Luv ya!

  • Br33zy M!NaJ

    Nicki is dat biznez!! She REAL..her style, her personality, hey ryhmes! I stand behind YME 1,000,000,000%! Some of da best out!!! So congrads to my Nicki M.!! $m000Ch3z 2 dA HaTAz!!
    *Ask Da IRS Beyotch I’m Paying For Ya Healthcare*

  • shuddup

    nope can’t listen to the whole song. But great job.

  • shon


  • hellraisa

    dat ho will never b a lil’ kim nor a foxy brown!

  • kita

    Show dem haters wat it do Nicki… LOL and if that waz the case then there would never be a point to set records and standards to beat dummies. In reference to the statements how is it important if its already been done.

  • Kenyatta

    I understand that this song is old, like it isn’t new. This is something she did a while ago. SHe had to bring this out because that Massive Attack failed. She doesn’t have any new songs, this is why no album. No one is writing for her right now and she too busy trying to get the buzz, which she has, to make her own stuff. She will sell cds when she comes out because kids like her weakness, but she doesn’t have good lyrics and her flow needs to improve. This isn’t hate, this is honesty. If she can make it with a crappy song like this, then she will be here a year or too, but she has said Besty in a few songs, and I just think her lyrics and vocab aren’t up to part. Lil Kim can come with one song, and wipe out all of Nicki’s features. I’m glad the chick is getting her fame right now because I’m not sure it will last or should. Hip Hop, female hip hop, needs help when this garbage can put you on top.

  • Kenyatta

    But, I will say, that she made a good choice on rapping over this older song. I just feel like the hook is the only thing that makes you bop too, but she still needs to step it up unless you plans on remixing different versions of this like Busta’s Touch It and make that the entire cd cause she has no other individual music. Also, lets try to lay of the enhancements for the voice.

  • anthony,blake

    i love this song i don’t see why u guys cry about.If u guys and girls are going to sit there and cry about it then just don’t listen to it. good job Nicki Minaj me and my lil are trying to stick up for you.