Racism doesn’t exist at the level that the “anti-American haters” would like us to believe, so says Bill O’Reilly, who we all know is the utmost authority on this subject. Per usual, O’Reilly spazzed on his own show the other night because a guest correspondent, Kirsten Powers, challenged him.

O’Reilly says racism is not an epidemic, and blamed the “far left” for spreading inaccuracies. He also doesn’t understand this whole “White privilege” situation either, and can’t seem to converse with any human who holds an opinion different than his own — especially a woman. “Most Americans are not racist, they’re not,” he maintained.

Not that anyone said “most Americans” are racist, but the very idea of speaking on racism is pure blasphemy to him.

Powers felt differently, yet rather than allow her to speak, he attempted to bully, shame, and disrespect her for daring to have a different opinion. “I think racism is a serious issue in this country, and I don’t know why you don’t want to see that,” she said.

Things got more unprofessional and strange from there. O’Reilly tried to chastise Powers for “snorting” while another correspondent, Monica Crowley, spoke. Then he did just about everything to over-talk Powers and cut her off, but he turned it up a notch when she asked if he has any Black friends.

Rather than answer the question, he just flipped out more.

We should really stop giving this guy a platform for ignorance and anger (this is a pattern for him), but check out the video below just for fun.

Photo: screenshot

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