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Dave Chappelle Forces Emergency Jet Landing After "Freak Out"


An emergency landing of a private jet was deemed necessary after comedian Dave Chappelle “freaked out” and started showing outlandish behavior.

According to airline officials, Chappelle was labeled as a safety risk after becoming a disturbance on a flight from New Jersey to Ohio on Friday, but had to stop in Pittsburgh to resolve the issue.

Allegedly the comedian, 36, refused to buckle his seat belt and that he repeatedly went into the cockpit during the flight and grabbed the arm of the pilot at one point.

Things were becoming progressively worse, especially after the landing as officials stated that after checking into a hotel and attempted to rent a car to go home, he forgot his own address.

Some have called his behavior a result of stomach problems that he suffered after eating something that didn’t agree with him.  Although a restroom was available, the comic didn’t feel that they would be enough to ease his problem, according to reports.

Putting the rumors to a halt before they can start, he has stated that is is not addicted to drugs.

Since his departure from The Chappelle Show, many have questioned his motives in all of his recent actions.  From turning down millions to trips to Africa, many have believed that the fame and fortune has gotten to the comedian.

What are your thoughts on what is going on with Dave Chappelle?

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  • Jason BMF Chambers

    Leave the man alone! The difference between us normal folks having a bad day and losing our cool is nobody cares. A successful person has a bad day and its public news and everyone thinks they know whats wrong. At least he can afford to have a private jet to freak out in instead of a walmart bathroom the rest of the haters cry in.

  • d.

    He is a weirdo!

  • GG

    Maybe he is having flashbacks of the 50 million dollar deal he turned down.

  • Somali Ninga

    Maybe he’s scared that someone’s going to kill him after he called the Illuminati out

  • morgan

    not sure why we care……what has he done lately? the rest of us “normal” folks just keep on doing what we need to for our family’s and ourselves.

  • sholla21

    Maybe he is having flashbacks of the 50 million dollar deal he turned down

  • BobTyranT

    The Illuminati strikes again!


    I once had stomach problems and forgot where I lived too!

  • blank

    i have so much love and respect for this man ..50 million dollars couldnt buy his soul..money is not evil but the love of money is and he already had plenty of it to start so when they thought greed would make him sell his soul, they were wrong..now they wana make him look crazy and messing with his life but im not fallin for it..i still love and respect him…DONT FALL FOR THIS EVERYONE, HE IS A GREAT MAN UNLIKE SELLOUT B@#$&% LIKE JAY Z!!!


    He knows the truth & he’s afraid that THEY are going to kill him. We don’t officially know who THEY are but, THEY are watching & monitoring any & everything. He’s no fool & THEY know it… Sucks to be a celeb & know the truth… Try to hide & get old Dave & just maybe they’ll just make you see senile like Bill Cosby…

  • eddoes

    he is normal just like anyone else. sometimes you have bad days sometimes you dont just leave him be.

  • Kandyman386

    My thoughts on what occured was due to the massive stress put on the comedian, time after time, altering his image and artistic vision of how things were supposed to be shot and produced. Hollywood and society has a tendancy to go too far with their inquiries and interests of another person’s private life. In search for a quick noteworthy story, journalists, photographers and producers often overstep boundaries they wouldn’t like crossed themselves. For just a second on a buzz worthy topic, people are willing to violate others. I believe Dave has been violated by hollywood and the public too much! In his position, receiving constant questioning, outlandishly negative accusations of drug use and the negative stigma’s that go along with all the attention, what would you do?