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HIV Positive Prostitute Spreading Virus to 100s of Men [Video]


“The first thing is go see a doctor, be checked to make sure you are medically alright.”

After several years of spreading a virus throughout the male gender, a prostitute has been captured, but the damage has been done as there are fears that 100s of men have been infected.

With a schedule of two clients a day, four days a week for several years, Nigaila Gibbs, 20, whom knowingly is HIV+, has left many in question to whether or not they have contracted it and are now positive.

Under the belief that many men have had sexual contact with the woman, her photo has been released serving as a heads up for those residing in St. Louis County, Missouri that a medical examination might be smart right about now.

Gibbs has been charged with prostitution while knowingly infected with HIV, which is a felony.

Check the story below.

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  • Let this be a point that has been trying to be made: HIV/AIDS is not just a gay men’s disease! and it’s coming from a WOMAN and SPREADING it.

    • Renfield is STUPID

      Renfield is a stupid human being. Hope you don’t get infected just for being so damn STUPID. It’s people like you why those with HIV/AIDS end up dead. Misinformation and lots of conspiracy as only the bulk of Afroican Americans can provide. The “View” is not progressive when it comes to HIV. Get over your ignorance, brother.

    • joe

      hiv is hiv ,it does not matter whether it comes from gay or straight individual. Gays are d worst of it all for your information but HIV does not have gay hiv or straight hiv.

  • BarbieKilla Fivethousand

    There’s a lot of black men and rappers that should run to get tested!

  • Hi_Man

    That’s good! Why mother****** goin’ to the bytches, if the books forbiden it it’s for a reason.

  • muse

    I mean if you are going to sleep with a prostitute, especially without a condom, you should just assume that you will catch something. Do you really expect her to be honest about her status? To be honest, I don’t think that she should go to jail for this. The men put themselves in harms way and these are the consequences.

  • lovelylena

    This is a SAD story,
    don’t trade a few minutes of pleasure for a life long disease!

  • itservessomeofdisduderiteNASTA**

    O.M.G imagine wife dilemma right now—–an honest woman trying to hold down her household her husband slips away to feed his nasty habit and brings this disease home—man I can see this getting very ugly

  • Rainbow

    I think every prostitute has AIDS so if a man is sleeping with her should always wear condoms

  • Mia

    Just think of all the black men that would sleep with this trick on sight.

  • Andre

    Wear your hats ,and ladies always make him put it on!

  • Its just sad on everybodies end

    Sad for the men: sad that they have to trick off for fun especially if their tails are married plus have kids their putting their entire families at risk.

    Sad for her: because she is out there that damn bad where she would purposely infect others regardless if their jons or not, she needs to be locked away.

    sad case indeed

  • Mrs. Odoms

    Take her out of the circle of life she messin up the rotation!

  • Breezy

    Only God can save us from this deadly virus. We should all REPENT!!!