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Writer, author and activist dream hampton has responded to the criticism being hurled her way by members, affiliates, satellites and voyeurs of the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Taking to Twitter, hampton stood by her words, but is not here for the bickering that started when she came for Deray McKesson earlier this week.


“what’s hilarious, is @2LiveUnchained calls herself a ‘healer’,” said Hampton, addressing Erika Totten, who posted screen caps of text messages with each other. “I thought I was talking to a grown ass mother of a teenager, a BLM D.C. chapter lead when I had a private convo w @2LiveUnchained.”

Hampton went on to assert that she does consider Totten an “agent” (because she published the aforementioned private messages) and also invited her to shoot the fair one.

Check out the rest of dream hampton’s spiel—she’s also had words for Johnetta “Netta” Elzie—on the following pages.

Who needs COINTELPRO with this type of pettiness running rampant?

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