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LA Jail Accused Of Making Inmates Wear “Hot Stuff” Underwear


A Louisiana jail is under investigation after a civil rights group says they make a mockery of suicidal inmates by making them wear underwear inscribed with “Hot Stuff” on the behind.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Louisiana says it’s unconstitutional for the St. Tammany Parish jail to “humiliate” the disturbed prisoners by making them wear the embarrassing apparel.

Furthermore the ACLU says the jail confines prisoners in cages that are three feet wide, three feet long and seven feet tall, known by inmates as “squirrel cages.”

The cages are significantly smaller than the six feet wide and six feet deep cages required for dogs by a Louisiana code.

The group describes the underwear as “short shorts” with the words “Hot Stuff” written in pen on the butt.

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  • Tanna

    no idea why

  • willy b hardigan

    2nd and thats hilarious

  • jessica Blanchard

    that is extremely cruel and just plain humiliating. i hope the jail officials are serious penalized for this.

  • MAC

    If you in jail who are you trying to impress?

  • Bernice B

    Stay out of jail and you won’t have to be worried about embarrassing underwear. Wonder if they were embarrassed when they committed the crime.

  • Tamika Emanuel

    If you actually read before you comment you would have NOTICED that it states “disturbed” MEANING that the inmates that are forced to wear this are not of the norm….MEANING that they are mentally handicapped IDIOT….thus for MEANING that at the time of the incident that took place prior to them getting arrested and leading to the arrest that they were more than likely not on their medication and acting out of an irrational state of mind. I HOPE THE SO CALLED BRAINS BEHIND THIS OPERATION GET EVERYTHING THEY DESERVE AND MORE….and when the wheels turn and someone they love are found to be inbalanced that they only think of what they done to someone elses loved one so when it comes to bite them back in the @$$ maybe they can give their loved one the speech “well you are only in jail who are you trying to impress?”

  • Tamika Emanuel

    I wouldn’t be suprised to find out that the person that posted the 3rd comment previous to mine where the individual that actually knitted the underwear