"Short Bus Shawty" – [Gucci Mane, OJ Da Juiceman, Souljaboy & Waka Flocka Parody]


It doesn’t get any funnier than this as Gucci Mane, Soulja Boy, OJ Da Juiceman and Waka Flocka Flame are put to the flame in this hilarious parody.

For some morning laughter, you better click after the jump!!! (more…)

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  • earhustla

    Lmao and how its suppose to be a parody but its really not..

  • evie


  • latoya

    so true

  • ReddK

    U got ’em.


    Pure comedy! =O

  • datatlchick

    LMAO so F****N True

  • Nay Nay

    Damn that was hilarious and true! yall should post more parodies like this

  • Milwaukee

    Kat Stack HOE HIV and STD

  • tee

    this was great

  • Deezzay!!!!

    THAT **it was CLASSIC!!!!!!

  • SitDown


  • queen_of_english

    the wocka flame was hilarious

  • lani3000

    OMG The wacka flocka part is toomuch lol!!!!


    How was that SOOOOOO accurate? Whoever made this is a genius

  • BAPE747

    That’s Fozzzie Bear…WAAKA WAAKA. WTF kind of name is that. Peep Charles Hamilton

  • tommykimon

    OMG that was too funny

  • P…

    Waka Flocka was right on point hahah lmfao

  • Mensa


  • LELE

    dont do my man flocka like that..lololol but waka said he jus put the ice on and signed a check, poo babii

  • slim704

    man this ish is funny but yall dead wrong only person lyrics is bad is waka and he a tell u that he do crunk music anyway if u dont know music then you downing gucci and oj da juiceman well respected in the south and in tha hood if u want some good ole music listen to some good ole music and stop haten cause yo pockets looking like shawt bus shawty smh

  • tia:)

    the waka part is absolutely HILARIOUS.

  • lexus

    omg , this is soooooo funny

  • kne

    luv it lmao!!

  • skye

    lol inr tht mess was too funni omg lol

  • daquez

    u r a dumass

  • “Waaaaaackaaaaaaaa!”

    This song is better than anything any of them has ever produced on their own.


  • Its not fun making fun of people

  • Its not funny making fun of people.

  • Hhahahaha short bus shorty short bus shorty short short short short short bus shorty so funnny its mean and funny but it got waka gucci solja boi and Oj this is hallarious i put it on my myspace page juat now all ready got 10 comments N.C

  • brittney pulliam

    damn my bday is 1017 and i famous already thanks haters

  • rayquanda3332

    o.m.g. this is soooo hilarious!!(:
    waka dog on a leashhh!(:
    waka folcka and gucci got the funny parts but this “oj da juiceman” boy is reall stupid…..gucci swg stupid stupid retarded and oj just farted(: LMFAOO(:

  • L

    Autism =/= stupid. I got autistic friends I grew up with that’s ten times smarter than those dudes.

    I did like the waka part though.

  • Yung Money

    Now dat junk wuz funny. Im still laughin so hard dat my stomach hurt. Waka Flame part wuz real funny cuz it wuz true

  • Lady BrickSquaaaad

    lol. Yall so stupid:) call me. 555-485-3562

  • george

    wtf that retarted

  • blah blah blah

    that was funny and oj.”whipin on a baby

  • jasmine johnson

    this was so retaeted 4REAL