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Man Arrested For Throwing Toddler Into Oncoming Traffic [Video]


An Oakland, California man was arrested Saturday after an off-duty officer spotted him violently shaking his 2-year-ol d daughter before throwing her into oncoming traffic.

Police say John Taylor Jr. was yelling in the street around 5:40 p.m. when he suddenly picked up his daughter, shook her and threw her in the path of a car.

The girl was run over by the vehicle and suffered burns from the engine but escaped major injury.

Police then say the man fled the scene but was subdued by other motorists who confronted him about the incident.

When the off-duty officer went to arrest him, Taylor reportedly became combative and had to be tased before he could be taken into custody.

He was booked on suspicion of resisting arrest, battery on a police officer and child endangerment.

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  • Baybaybay

    Oh my God how horrible for a child to be thrown in traffic and ran over by a car! I hope the father dies and bust hell wide open upon his arrival!

  • mr sin

    why ain’t he up for attempted murder?

  • Smiley

    The motorists should have f’d him up before the police got his A$$!!!!!

    • SweetIngredients

      by Smiley:
      The motorists should have f’d him up before the police got his *****!!!!
      I agree!!

  • Angelbaby


  • Kande24k

    I’m with u mr sin….this is considered as attempted murder not just endangerment. I hope whichever judge he gets puts him behind under the jail. No he doesn’t need lethal injection, just throw his A$$ in jail with the “real” criminals so they can tear his A$$ up

  • tretre

    He sick but believe he will get his when that judge give his A$$ time

  • Leethea Boisierre

    I can not fathom driving down the street and a toddler is thrown on the street and I’m going to fast to stop and wind up running them over that would deeply effect me it would ruin my day,week,month,year hell I wouldn’t get over it. These stories stun me kids being abused,beating,killed by their own parents is terrible I wish people who have kids but don’t want them would just give them up for adoption. There are people on waiting list for years to adopt children, some get so tired of waiting they go to other countries to adopt wouldn’t it be great if they could get all these kids from these evil sick devil filled parents?

  • Hi_Man

    BURN HIM ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • renee

    Terrible thats ok they going to show him how they get down in the big house , he is gonna be somebody lil beoytch.

  • Grace

    Child Endangerment? He threw the baby into on coming traffic and the child was run over. He needs to be charged with ATTEMPTED MURDER! WTH justice system? WTH! 🙁

  • by Charlie

    You know where living in the LAST DAYS !!! PERILOUS TIMES !! And SATAN is busy here on earth seeking to DEVOUR as many SOULS as he can..That is the only logical reasoning behind doing something so DEMONIC!! INDESPICABLE!! and just downright EVIL!! CHILDREN are a BLESSING from GOD and to hurt your child like that could only be a Demonic spirit!! I pray that for that baby!! GOD keep her safe from any further harm.

  • msveevee

    He needs to pushed in front of a semi