LeBron James Responds To Cavalier's Owner's Comments, NBA Fines Gilbert $100-Thousand


LeBron James has responded to the comments made by his former team owner, Dan Gilbert.

Last week after LeBron made his announcement that he’d be playing with the Miami Heat, Gilbert wrote an open letter to Cavaliers fans,  calling James’  decision  “a cowardly betrayal’ and referred to him as “a former hero” and insinuating that he was self serving.

Gilbert also called the way in which LeBron made his announcement which was televised as a “shameful display of selfishness and betrayal.”

Addressing the comments, LeBron James stated,

“To hear my former owner’s comments, I absolutely know I made the right decision.  I don’t really have a reaction to what Dan said.  When things hit the fan, you see a guy’s true colors. I have no reaction because at the end of the day, Dan’s comments won’t stop me and my family from sleeping at night. It just won’t do it. It’s just going to make us powerful, more powerful.”

National Basketball Association Commissioner David Stern was also not impressed by Gilbert’s letter as he was assessed with a $100-thousand fine.  Stern stated,

“I think that remarks by Dan Gilbert, the owner of the Cavaliers, catalyzed as they may have been by hurt with respect to the manner and the fact for himself, his team, and particularly for the people of Cleveland, though understandable, were illadvised and imprudent. I have notified Cleveland that they will be fined $100,000 for those remarks under my power as Commissioner.”

Gilbert also promised to win a championship before LeBron.

Well there’s nothing against wishful thinking.

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  • Baybaybay

    That $100,000 fine is pocket change to that owner won’t bother him a bit, I have a problem with Lebron James even calling him “his former owner” that is uncomfortable to me.

    • theteeski

      @baybaybay i second that comment what you are speaking is so true!!!!!

  • Lulu

    It doesn’t matter if it’s pocket change, the fact that Lebron left, the teams’s value dropped significantly overnight, and I’m sure this hurts his pockets more than the fine. The fine is just symbolic, to show that HE is the one with poor sportsmanship, not James. James did what any free agent had the right to do, what Gilbert did was in very poor taste.

  • Troyski

    He is the OWNER. He owns the Cleveland Cavaliers. The team, the brand, the organization, and the players (as long as they wear his jersey). He dis not own LeBron James the human being, but he did own LeBron James the basketball player. I can assure you that no one recognizes this better than the players. They know where their paychecks come from. Jesse Jackson…what a joke.

    • DA

      @Troyski, LeBron was done with his contract with the Cavs. He was a free agent as of midnight July 1, 2010. He had no further obligation to the Cavs. So, at the time right before the announcement, the Cavs didn’t own LeBron the baller.

      Dan Gilbert made it harder not only for the Cavaliers to get free agents but he poured gasoline on the flames of the venom that some Cleveland and Akron folks have for LeBron now.

      To compound that, it certainly makes it no picnic to draw free agents for the Browns or Indians either, after they see how the town feels about LeBron.

      • Troyski

        DA, no question, he was a free agent at the time. My statement was in response to the blog about the problem calling Gilbert his “former owner”. My point was that people should not make it into a reference to slavery when someone refers to an owner for what they are “AN OWNER”. As a player contractually obligated to a team, which James was before July 1st, you are owned. Not as a human being, but as a player. You accept that when you decide to play in the NBA, which, subsequently, Gilbert also owns a share in with the other team owners. LeBron’s comment should not have been disturbing.

        In regards to Cleveland as a city not being able to get free agents?? Please! They will play for the owner that sees them as a good investment (Gilbert included), and therefor is willing to pay them to play. It is a business. Players are bought and sold, and Cleveland will have no problems as long as they are willing to invest.

        If anything, I chalk Gilbert’s comments up as a little extreme, and quite honestly not worth talking about much past the moment. Ditto for Jesse Jackson’s comments in response. Gilbert took the right approach to that fool. Ignore him, everyone else does!

  • ken

    Ummm he is his former owner yall bein petty..how many of yall would stay loyal 2 yall jobs if another job came along and offered u better benefits and a chance to do what u always wanted?

  • Well said, Lebron. At the end of the day he did make the right decision for him and his family. He exercised his right as a player to go to another team. Gilbert is a sore loser and a spoiled brat. His comments were completely unprofessional and out of order.


  • aleximaq

    I, ALONE, will win a championship in the NBA before the Cavs do….I am glad Lebron took the high road…again. Because I look at it like this, if he said those things in public, imagine what he said in private…I wish Lebron the best in his career and family lifed. But he really needs to stop messing with Jay Z….for real. I am sure the guy means him no harm but Shawn Carter has no soul and he will do anything for money….that is never a good thing.

  • Anthony

    Real talk.. I am no longer a Lebron fan. He will never be like Jordan nor Kobe. He just doesn’t have that competitive edge that seperates those two from everyone else

  • assoftassilk

    I agree that Lebron had the right to go where he wanted. However the manner in which he did so was disrespectfull to the team and fans that were loyal to him for years! Buying his jersey, his shoes and other mechandise. As stated earlier he was a free agent as of July 1st he didn’t tell his team until July 8th of his decision. He knew as of the end of the 08 olympics that he was going to do this, a little heads up so we could shop around and prepare our team would have been the respectfull thing to do. Instead he spit in our faces on national television. And news flash we offered the most money! He gave up having his own team to be a supporting player, he lost his confidence and caved.

  • dee

    What Mr Gilbert said was in reaction to how LeBron James choose to leave a City that embraced him as there Star. He choose to go on National TV and crap on the fans that made him MVP. The era of LeBron is OVER

  • Sunshine

    None of us really knows what conversations happend previously behind closed doors so we don’t know what motivated Lebron not to tell the Cavaliers in advance. Maybe there was already fuel on the fire and he didn’t feel the love of the teams owner so his didn’t feel he owed them anything.
    Anyhow, he had a right (like it or not) to annouce his decision however he wanted to and he did.

  • I dont know why people are so upset about LeBron getting out of OH-HIGH-OH and going to the much better Miami. Hell be on a better team, in a better city, with better fans, and way better management.

    Keith Evans said it best:

    Anyone else would have made the same move!

  • lil blacc

    first thing first cleveland didn’t win a championship in the past 7 years and it won’t happen in the next 7. and second dan gilbert and anybody else who thinks lebron sold out or a follower think again. to be honest the cavs now know that any hopes of a ring left with lebron and the so called curse he left with is still in cleveland. and cleveland goes on futher to show that they have never had a contending team and lebron made it pop there. ne who to make a long story short dan gilbert will never get a ring, lebron makes more money than all you spectators so your words are worthless, and the majority of you all can’t hoop, and if you could you would be on somebodies team instead of trying to rip lebrons decision come on now plp when you’re the mvp of the nba then post your comments

  • jason conner

    Lebron will be in the shadow of wade and if they do win 7 tittles in miami, it will not be as glorious as winning 1 in cleveland! His legacy will never be the same!