Rush Limbaugh Calls George Steinbrenner A "Cracker" Who "Made African Americans Millionaires"


Rush Limbaugh just doesn’t know when to quit.  Speaking on the death of New York Yankee’s owner George Steinbrenner, Limbaugh stated,

“That cracker made a lot of African Americans millionaires,” Limbaugh said on his morning show Tuesday. “And at the same time he fired a bunch of white guys.”

He also called Steinbrenner the “classic capitalist” as he also made everyone around him rich.

Rev. Al Sharpton responded to the comments which Limbaugh thought were some type of eulogy for the Yankees owner stating his words were “repugnant and offensive whether they were intended to be facetious or tongue and cheek.”

He went on to say,

“For the last 20 years I have known George Steinbrenner, and we have quarreled over diversity and community programs, but I always found him fair, direct, and genuinely prone to do what he felt was right,.”   He also feels that Limbaugh owed Steinbrenner’s family an apology.

Peep Rush Limbaugh’s comments below:

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  • This just goes to show you the true depths of Limbaugh’s despise of Black people. Anyone hiring Blacks, including white people, are not safe from his verbal assault. The man is dead and you call him a cracker? It’s sad that you have to disrespect the dead for some ratings. Why is he still on the air? Who listens to his show still?

  • Baybaybay

    I wish I had the opportunity to debate this racist version of the Pillsbury dough boy because his venom and poison disguised as sarcastic comments are not accurate and somebody needs to call him down to the carpet. Mr. Steinbrenner was a businessman first and foremost those days of giving whites jobs and wealth opportunities is not good for business he drafted and chose the best athletes period and only an idiot would pass them over and give those spots to whites who weren’t as good.

  • thisguy

    Is a piece of garbage….dude is not even in the ground and he’s throwing dirt on him…..

    man, let the guy r.i.p.

  • Mookey

    OK. Let’s break this down and analyze what he said. Stienbrenner was “a cracker”. Yeah,.. and? What he wasn’t? The problem with one dumb ol white man callin’ a dead dumb ol’ white man a cracker? What…? Why is this an issue?

    Steinbrenner made a lot of African-Americans millionaires. Yeah,… and? Like so what? Got a problem with African-Americans becoming millionaires? Any dumb ol white man who would like to me a millionaire for playing a game well I’d be all for it. Believe me, it would help me from writing stupid stuff like this and actually having any kind of opinion on the matter.

    “He fired a lot of white guys along the way”. Yeah. He did (Billy Martin five times). So? And?

    Lastly “and he [Steinbrenner] even knew when to die by saving his family hundreds of millions of dollars in inheritance taxes.” Yeah,… your point being? So what?
    Why should African-Americans even care? Ya’ll need to
    be more like Stienbrenner and “get a life”.

    Nothin’ but L-U-V-V, Mookey

  • mind yo biz





  • shon

    Kush Limbald is an old Hater.

  • dan

    Rush is an entertainer and nothing more. He entertains by saying outrageous, controversial, and stupid things. I enjoy his mentor Howard Stern, I have never enjoyed Rush, Andrew Dice Clay, Beavis or Butthead.

    The people who should be despised and feared are the listeners who believe that the guy is anything other than as set forth above.

  • ROPE

    Won’t someone just Rush a bullet in his brain and Rush him in the ground!

  • Another example of the white man never I know why minister farrakhan is defending his ownbecause of white people that been like that since day one.Ain’t never gonna change an were ignorant right? We need to wake up america an know that the only thing diffent is the day.But belive me the smart ones know an I’m a end it with FEAR OF A BLACK PLANET?

  • me

    I can’t believe the stupid and ignorant comments made here. Rush was wrong, but what about the New Black Panther Party that made their racist comments too. Both were wrong and so is the Tea Party. Violence is not the answer. That makes you worse and more evil that them.

  • The truth hurts an it shall set you free that’s all

  • MzM

    Another point-

    @ Patriot- why did you feel like giving a disclaimer that your son is Black and that you have never used the N word? Your son’s race doesn’t matter, unfortunately he will exposed to racism no matter how much you shelter him.
    There are plenty of racists who have so-called black friends and interracial families. I am not calling you a racist but when people say things like that it usually sends up a huge red flag.

    To answer your question- there are some who believe they can take that word, change the context, change the spelling and give it another meaning (a term of endearment if you will) but I don’t buy into it. Plain and simply put, right or wrong some people do and say things that for other reasons others can’t. Think of it this way, it’s the same reason I would have a harder time than you walking into a bank and being approved for a small business loan although I have the credit, the business plan, the collateral etc… Bottom line, sometimes life just isn’t fair.

  • MY MY MY

    ” The man that knows something knows that he knows nothing at all”-Erykah Badu

    Thousands of White Millionaires and Billionaires have been created off of Black ppl. This country has become one of the wealthiest off the backs of Black PPL. Still until this day Black ppl continue to be America’s cash cows. Yes Black ppl you are creating jobs for millions of ppl, just not yourself. THINK ABOUT IT-your down fall is another man’s job security. Not only are we being kicked when we’re down, but w/in our own communities with jump in the deep end and can’t even swim. For every Black person sent to jail/prison, Black person killed-job security. For ever vacant store or lot in a Black neighborhood-leaves someone else to come and profit off of you-the Music business, sports, etc etc etc etc. Black people create job opportunities for the White man, the Asian, the Arab, the Indian, etc (some of these ppl come from the poorest area but once they get here the Black area’s of town is high on their list to start a business-you can not knock their hustle either because at the end of the day-they see a naive group of ppl, an opportunity to come up, and they have a “their race” 1st mentality. They come in our communities they masters how to make money off of us and also master how to lock us out of the process-only to be strictly consumers-that is it. I truly believe ppl need to pick up the Mis-Education of the Negro a book writing in 1933 yet in 2010 it’s dead on- In 1933-in this book Carter G Woodson talks about everything going wrong in Black America (at that time-which still goes on to this very day) one of the things he points out in 1933 is that Black (Negro) America is headed for ECONOMIC EXTERMINATION. That’s deep- time to get our heads out of the clouds or CHRONIC SMOKE(for some). We are truly in the state of delusion-there is no way this man’s view should be shocking to anyone. You can not have a SYSTEM, an INSTITUTION OF RACISM for over 500 years and think that w/in a few decades has dramatically changed. Some of you confuse symbolism w/racism like: just because some one not burning a cross or throwing a cocktail bomb through your window-there’s no racism, or now you can eat at a counter w/ white ppl, use the same rest rooms, or drink at the same water fountain-there’s no racism. Those are cosmetic issues that have nothing to do w/ the root or foundation of RACISM(the system/the institution) and the RACIST(those who keep it running). this should be the phrase of the last year of this decade which has been said a lot but it’s plain, simple AND true “WAKE UP!” …..success is ALWAYS the best revenge- whether you are trying to prove somebody wrong, or prove a point to yourself!

    -we talk about racism as if it is solely a Black issue-something that Blacks have to deal with-when in reality the other side needs to be the one examined-

  • peachcobblerNY

    Rush “Windbag” need to have a tall glass of S.T.F.U on ice, or fall on a sharp pointed object! What misguided JACKASS!! LOL