Hannibal Buress has always emerged as one of the best of the recent crop of quick-witted comedians, using his deadpan style to yield ultimate chuckles. The Chicago native and current New York resident recently appeared on Fusion’s F-Comedy YouTube channel and comically compared the 2016 presidential hopefuls to rappers.

Buress’ first comparison was Democratic Party frontrunner and former First Lady, Hillary Clinton. Buress compared Clinton to Sean “Diddy” Combs, noting that she got famous by attatching herself to one of the biggest names in the game. No need to guess what Buress was insunuating there. He also added that like Diddy, Clinton has done some things folks liked and didn’t like.

Next up was Joe Biden, although he’s actually not a candidate. Buress cleverly made note of that by saying, “people were expecting a big tour, but it never happened.”

We won’t give it all away, so watch Hannibal Buress have way too much fun comparing the 2016 presidential candidate crop to rappers in the clip below.

Photo: YouTube/F-Comedy

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