Wesley Snipes To Serve 3 Years For Tax Evasion Charges


Federal Panel Upholds Wesley Snipes Tax Sentence

Looks like Nino Brown is going to jail after all as actor Wesley Snipes lost his appeal against a three-year prison sentence on federal tax charges.

The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta ruled that the judge properly sentenced Snipes.

Lawyers for Snipes argued that the sentence was “unreasonable” and that he should have been granted a hearing to decide whether his trial should have been held in New York instead of Florida.

Snipes was convicted by a jury in 2008 of three misdemeanor counts of willful failure to file his income tax returns and has been out on bond since then.

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  • BobTyranT

    Damn! No Blade 4 for a while 🙁 I liked dat ni**a too, why they lock up good peeps and let tha Devil worshippers run loose?!

  • lala

    Three years is a little unreasonable. I feel sorry for him. Ah well.

  • jwill

    Since when, do you go to jail for three years on
    misdemeanor changes?

  • mymanluther


  • Dang….

    Stay ballin…

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  • GG

    Not a Wesley fan at all. But you do the crime you do the time, I do not feel sorry for him at all. I will leave this to the Chinese and White women who he praises so much.

  • madison scott

    do the crime do the time is tired old lame excuse!……..look past your own prejudice eyes(hypocrits)……….why did he really go to jail or is going?………….taxes………….you we as blacks used to be considered 1/3 a person……it was a law!

    so law can change!…………if we do it as a people(all races)say enough of this bull!…..why call out chinese and white women if you are not a racist yourself………………..look in the mirror! famous words from the greatest micheal jackson!………..look in the mirror………..who are you?

  • Jay L

    How Snipes get 3yrs for tax evasion and T.I get 1yr for gun charges??? System is F***ed up.

  • m

    I feel badly for him.

    May it be over soon, despite the women of other cultures whom he seems to praise – over AFRIKAN women.

    Jail is not a good place to be.