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Michael Jordan Questions Lebron James’ Move To Miami [Video]


Michael Jordan is the latest person to weigh in on Lebron James’ decision to join Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade at the Miami Heat.

The NBA legend gave an interview to ESPN at the end of a golf tournament in Nevada.

When asked his opinion on the free agent market that allowed the trio to unite for the same team, Jordan says he would’ve never called up greats like Larry Bird and Magic Johnson to play on the same team as him but understands Lebron’s decision.

“There’s no way, with hindsight, I would’ve ever called up Larry, called up Magic and said, ‘Hey, look, let’s get together and play on one team but that’s … things are different. I can’t say that’s a bad thing. It’s an opportunity these kids have today. In all honesty, I was trying to beat those guys.”

He also adds,

“I don’t know if they would’ve been on my team…I’m a competitive guy and I like to play against competitive players.

Check out Jordan talking The Heat’s “Three Kings” below.

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  • MAC

    Jordan would kill Lebron and the whole miami heat haha… The one and only King of the NBA no one can deny that. Made the NBA what it is today and made Nike. Bacc in the day you would get robbed for some Jordans. People going home barefoot…lol

  • Jasmin

    wtf!! wtf r u talking about you lady or man or whoever u are!!

  • MAC

    I’m sayin that Jordan revolutionized the NBA and inspired people to wanna play basketball. The reason lebron wore# 23 and decided to change his number because of the respect he has for Michael Jordan. You can call me Sir.

  • drew123

    Why didn’t anyone say anything when Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen join forces in Boston or Pau Gasol and Ron Artest in L.A. You can’t win in this league with one superstar. Magic had Kareem, Worthy, McAdoo and Bird had McHale, Parrish, and Dennis Johnson. Jordan had Pippen, Ron Harper , Dennis Rodman. LeBron was a free agent. He did what he wanted to do. He gave Cleveland 7 years of service. The only player the owner added on the team was a washed up Shaq.

  • Kelly

    I attend the University of Akron were Lebron King Loser holds his basketball camp. He must be teaching the kids how to ‘LEAVE’ not the ‘Fundamentals’ of the basketball game.

  • Jackwil

    Micheal needs to close his big mouth and stop being jealous of laBron. Has he forgotton that he was young at one time. He took the game to another level. Why not just shut his mouth and let labron do his thing. He is not a basketball god is he.He need to remmember how they treated him when he came in.

  • Iownu

    Blacks against Blacks…I love it…lol

  • JON

    To kelly, about the part when you said that MJ needed to remember how they treated him when came in, I believe he did remember them because MJ wanted to beat them because of that.

  • D

    First of All Micheal Just responded to a Question. Rodman Came AFTER Micheal had 3 rings. Scottie Was a Rookie when Chicago got him. Jackson was a Rookie NBA Coach. Give Mike his credit, NBA players compare thereself to him not kobe. Im not mad at Lebron for Leaving Cleveland, its a business ..if your contract is up you can make a choice to leave or to stay. Now with that said if your going to quit your job your going to want to put a 2 week notice in right…and he didnt do that. People dont understand how many teams Lebron screwed over. L.A. Clippers, Chicago, Knicks it wasnt just Cleveland. But thats off the Subject, Jordan gave his opinion…this man is a competitor a warrior he wants to win…the hard way. Lebron Left to go get a ring The easy way. Besides, Miami has to make it out the east and there going to have an extremely hard time. Have to beat Boston, Atlanta, and Chicago before you can take on the Lakers Good luck Wade Bosh and James

  • Carolyn

    I don’t see that Jordan dissed LeBron. He said it is different now and it is. If LeBron wants to win, why is LeBron a traitor? He gave to the Cavaliers and the other players gave their all. If he wants to win that bad, good or bad, he made a decision that he believes will give him more opportunity. He has given to Cleveland and Akron, where his roots are. Cleveland loses in revenue and many fans have shown the young athletes how to act when they lose. That’s the spirit! I too will miss him as a Cavalier. Their winning so many games and LeBron is the reason I have a real interest in basketball. I will root the Cavalier’s on and follow LeBron throughout his career. The only thing he should have thought through was all the hype and how he announced his choice. He didn’t act arrogant or bigger than life, however.

  • Porfie

    MJ is not talking as a player. he’s talking like an owner. Why the fuss with Lebron’s decision. Cleveland as a team can also opt to trade him in the event he no longer functions to the their hearts content. Would the feeling be the same if it was the Team to bumped him off. Such a double standard. Be reminded that money was not even an issue. Lebron disregarded a much heftier offer in Cleveland. Its for his love of the game he wants to win and have a ring. Jordan as an owner of the Bobcats would of course deter such an action by Lebron, coz it may happen to him in the future. Those players who are saying that if you’re individually great then stick it out with the team, hehehehe that’s the reason why they don’t have a ring. Its a team game. Its not one on one. Some of the greats that do not have any ring, are perhaps afraid of what the shift in power might do. Well it may happen or not, so let them PLAY. Even Barkley went to Houston to be with Hakim and Drexler. And common MJ you know you did’nt win all those 6 rings by yourself. Remember when you were in Washington? Did you made it?

  • Brian Sprouse

    Jordon, Kobie never needed to teem up with anybody that what makes them Champions. Thay did not need a TV show to tell the world what thay were going to do, thay just did it.

  • Kaleem bailey

    Whoever brian sprouse is for lack of a better word..DELUSIONAL….kobe didn’t have help???who the hell is shaq the most dominant force in nba history..no dynasty team did it by themselves…everyone needs help or u willv end up ran down and ringless like allen iverson or patrick ewing…if A I would have had shaq we prolly wouldn’t even be talkin about kobe…but A I got randown trina do it by himself…I’m glad lebron got some help..I wish he could of got the help in cleveland but that was impossible…go lebron win 10 rings and watch them all hate…cuz if u didn’t win any they woulf hate as well…he damned if he do and damn if he don’t….ps…..I’m selling tickets……… To this miami heat bandwagon for 17 dollas holla..lol

  • jdubbz

    I thought lebron was the man….but now I see He don’t wanna work for his chip. .everybody keep saying that the great had player…but what ya fail to see is that Jordan, bird, magic all made they Team better..lebron had his chance but he fail. .now he can’t say anything. ..I will never b a lebron fan again

  • imthatguy537

    The problem is not Lebrons choice to join 2 other SUPERSTARS. Its all about the timing in the decision. U have 3 players still in their MID 20,s joining 1 team. Every example given about other players in other eras joining the same team were players LAST ditch efforts to win a ring b4 retirement! These guys are doing it @ the peak of their games when they should wanna compete against each other. Lebron has been called the 2nd coming of Mike since he was in high school! Guess he needs the rings to escape the real 23,s shadow!. Good luck with that Lebron Lame!


    as far as the idot who wrote blacks against blacks that was so stupid. We like to compete because we are talented that way. Get a life. can you do anything? grow up.

  • crowe

    The GOD ha spoken!! lebron rolled over he cant do it with out major superstars….MJ done in more then once,people say he had the star with with him,but do you remember when jordan left to play baseball…what happened to the bulls -jordan…enough said

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