LeBron James Purchases $50 Million Home in Miami [Flicks]


Newly acquired Miami Heat player LeBron James is starting off his stay in Miami very comfortable.

According to reports, James is now the proud owner of a $50 million dollar mansion that was once owned by famed NBA coach Pat Riley.

The home which is tucked in the exclusive Coral Gables community has over 880 feet of water surrounding the property as well as holsters a whopping 8 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms.

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The total amount of property that King James has acquired is 20,862 square feet.

Not bad for a transition, let’s see what the Cleveland fans have to say about this.

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  • Shadow

    How about a 10 million dollar home and a 40 million donation to African American college scholarships in his name…Oh I forgot, what was I thinking. Money being used for the education of future doctors, engineers, lawyers and other professionals. Stupid me….lol

    • Jimson

      That was a random comment. Your criticizing him for buying an expensive house with the money he earned instead of giving most of it away? Do you even know how much he already donates? Ya thats what I thought…

    • Tony

      hey Shadow how about you go make 50 million before you tell somebody else how they should spend it. jealous chump!

  • Sick of LeBum

    Why did you use a picture of the bum who couldn’t do it, in a Cav’s jersy? He’s outta there because he needs all the help he could get in Miami.



  • t

    that dude can do w/e he chooses wit his money… trips me out how broke ppl love to suggest what rich ppl should do wit their funds…

  • Andy

    Lame-bron is a quitter and a loser. Hey Miami, do you know what his biggest fear is? Wade going down with an major injury….that would put all of the pressure back on him. “The Decision” shows he’s a clueless A$$. What a joke of a show. He can’t come thru in the clutch. Have fun with that Miami.

  • RC

    That would be hard to find in Ohio but when the surf and tide gets up that might would be the next place might want to go.

  • Tebza

    It’s da guys money he can do Wateva he wants wit it…tha first guy that comment’d how bout you donate ur cash first…

  • MAC

    Live in Miami or Cleveland?

  • Shadow

    I knew that would get some stuff started….lol

  • Ryan Cornelius

    Are you clevelanders serious> He took you all to the finals and won two MVP’s. Not too mention, he had the best team 4 to years. In the first year the team was knocked out in the semi-finals and the second the same. Cleveland is a cursed team. I suggest you all find another cause cleveland is never gonna have what Lebron gave um. On top of that, the owner has mest up you all’s dreams. They won’t even make it to the playoffs. Lebron’s desicion to bail was the best one for him and all the other players are following suit. Biz, broke the ice. lol

  • Shyt’s Good.

    Free Malcom.

  • friend of a friend

    Come on now Cleveland the man gave us the best 7yrs our city has ever endured. He played virtually half of his expected career for us. He didn’t win it all here but he played like a champion year after year. Lebron lacked help, so he’s gone. “L.I.G.’It”, move on…. Your true Fans still appreciate u LB & hopefully u win that title you solely deserve…..



  • twell

    stay with your own business if you have some business.

  • Mdog monie

    I would like to record a hip hop track made from my Studio about this change which has been made. I’d call it the big move I think that is was time for this change.

  • itsallaboutmoney

    Hey betterthanyou.. learn how to hit your “kaps loc” key dumb butt

  • RedRum

    BETTER THAN YOU…You are a genius!

  • Drey2Nasty

    First off…too all LBJ HATERS FUCC OFF ND HAVE A NICE DAY…to beqin with Lebrons name alone has revitalized the cavs franchise nd that’s city…had it not been for owner dan gilbert tankinq the entire season prior to him enterinq the league dan wuda been fired!!….2nd why is the whole world puttinq Lebron in the dumpster bcuz he went somewhere he cud win?? lets not forget EVERYTHING HE DID FOR THE CAVS bringinq them to the finals wit eric snow sasha pavlovic himself drew gooden big Z nd a mediocre varejao nd daniel gibson the cavs record improved every yr he was there nd in 2 yrs he brought the cavs 127 wins nd 2 str8 mvps….so no one can dwnplay anythinq he did for the cavs…nd his decision to leave…Dan wasn’t puttinq that rite piece there first mo(an above average pg) was supposed to be his robin then shaq(who at this point in his career is just jumpinq frm championship contender to the nxt chasinq Kobes 5 rings) then antwoine(who isn’t iin his prime anymore either)…bottome line none of the players dan brought in was pippen caliber or even close to beinq a top 50 player in the nba today…kobe has the best startinq line up in the league nd with their off season additions of matt barnes nd steven blake 2 very good role players the lakers are poised to make the finals for the nxt 5 yrs if kobe can stay healthy bcuz no one in the west can stop them they’ve shown that by makinq the finals for 3 straight yrs….so the way ii see it lebron nd the cavs wuda made the finals MAYBE 2 times withinq the nxt 5 or 6 yrs most likely facinq kobe nd although lebron is up in head to head matches against kobe since enterinq the league that’s only 2 rings…basically everyone wants him to wait until kobes time is done b4 he can start rackinq up the chips bcuz its the CONVENTIONAL WAY TO DO IT accordinq to both M.J.s(Michael nd Magic)…the way ii see it lebron knew that if he wanted to win now nd not in 6 or 7 yrs when kobes time was done his ONLY option was leave…the cavs had no more money to bring in any other players even for the veterans minimum(roughly 1.4 mill) so yes if the world is qonna jump on lebron bcuz he left lets also jump on Mo williams who lives in a shootinq slump once the playoffs start or antoine for not beinq his robin….ppl blame lebron for the cavs not beatinq the celtics but please explain how is it that a Washed up Shaq was the 2nd most productive scorer on the team in the series?? ohhh point well taken…the cavs will def be my 2nd favorite team but for now my number one team is team Lebron Raymone James….

  • blake

    Good for him…

  • Dan

    C’mon, men; play nice. It’s a lovely home. God bless the guy.

  • Sandra Gm McArthur

    Lebron…Keep your head up and don’t look BACK……We Love U!!!!! and if you decide to leave whenever…whatever…….We will ALWAY’s LOVE U!!!!!!!
    Trust Me ……LIVE UR LIFE!!!!!!!!

  • kaeisha woodard

    dat a big a** house

  • kaeisha woodard

    i will alwayz luv u lebron

  • jd24

    @Yw305 irregardless is a word

  • alteriek

    Dont know why people hate so much get a life, LJ was gifted with the skill’s and now he’s gettin paid, get your life together an stop worrying whats in somebodys else’s pocket,How u gonna make it happen if your focus is on somebody else.

  • Greg

    Not LeBron’s new house.  Wasn’t even Pat Riley’s former house.