Unfortunately, bad weather isn’t the only thing that forces schools to close. Today (Dec. 15), all public school in Los Angeles were closed after a credible terror threat was received, reportedly via e-mail. 

Reports CNN:

Classes were canceled Tuesday for the Los Angeles Unified School District after what the district’s superintendent called a “rare” threat that comes amid new concerns about security nationwide.

An “electronic threat” received early Tuesday prompted the decision, school district police Chief Steve Zipperman said, adding that the threat “is still being analyzed.”

District superintendent Ramon Cortines explained the “message” referred to backpacks and “other packages.” He said many schools were threatened, though none by name. The threat was toward students in schools (as opposed to on buses).

The decision comes after events like the massacre in San Bernardino have the authorities under high alert.

About 900 schools were closed. Better to err in the favor of caution.

See social media’s reaction to the school closings below and on the flip.

Photo: AP

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