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Man Fired For Calling Watermelon “Obama Fruit”


A Missouri man was fired after he called watermelon he was eating “Obama fruit.”

Darwin Holly lost his position at TAMKO Building Products after he made what the company believes was a racially offensive statement.

At a company picnic in May Holly was heard saying,

“I’m going to sit down and eat my Obama fruit.”

One of his co-workers took offense to the comment and Holly was fired for violating the company’s racial harassment policy.

Holly recently lost his bid for unemployment benefits in the Missouri Court of Appeals but argued that he was making a political statement by calling the President a “melon head” not a racial stereotype.

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  • aleximaq

    A melon head? Nice try dumbazz….

    • E-Nomad

      Nice try at spelling Dumbass, Dumbass.

      • aleximaq

        I think you just proved your own point….dumbazz…. 🙂

  • Hi_Man

    What’s wrong?

  • Baybaybay

    This guy probably thought this was a joke to call Obama this but after getting fired and being blocked from getting unemployment I wonder if its still funny?

  • Veehova37

    Now who’s the melon head ? Ya schmuck!!!

    • This is stupid, firing a white man in America for making a watermelon joke. Obama is a water-head, but I’m kind of tired of watermelons being associated with negroes. Watermelons are good.

  • one voice

    As bad as this may seem, if this can happen to them, it can happen to us. There is no more free speech and America is not free.

    • J

      It shouldn’t happen to you unless you are a moron. This is not the law of the land, so it is ridiculous to say the US is not free and we do not have freedom of speech. The man worked for a private company and violated their company policy relating to what they view as racial harassment. Only a true idiot would say something like this knowing that their company has a racial discrimination or harassment policy, even if they did feel like watermelon was “Obama fruit” or that Obama is a “melonhead.”

      • Kuuipo

        Five stars for that comment!! The person whom you were responding 2, must be just as idiotic as the person that got fired….

  • Joe

    Could someone explain the logic behind considering this racial harassment? How is this harassment and why is it racial?

  • Baybaybay

    @Joe. The reason why watermelon is offensive is because it was one of the stereotypes of black people from the past so was picking cotton and speaking broken english nowadays the stereotypes associated with blacks are even worse: pants sagging down, gold or platinum teeth and like living in the ghetto.

  • Mabel

    It’s not about freedom, it’s about being a human being. We are all born free . Just because you have that freedom doesn’t mean you use it to say hateful things. I have the freedom to murder, steal, beat up ppl ..etc but I choose not to use my freedom in harmful ways. I have the intelligence and self-control to live my life at a higher level and not at the base level. This man chose a moment to operate at his base self which did not work in his favour, because we are expected to operate at a higher level. Was he a racist, I don’t know..was he a jackass, yes.

  • lol that what he gets….nobody called thing a Bush fruit so why is there a reason to call a watermelon Obama fruit…unless …well you get the point.

    …and he gets no income

  • BobTyranT

    He shouldah called it Antichrist Melon.

    • aleximaq

      That statement is actually dumber than the original….LOL You people thinking that Obama is the antichrist is funny…..Really? You think the whole world is going to fall in love with and be deceived by a Black man???? Hell will really have to freeze over before that happens…..

  • Leethea Boisierre

    I’m hoping watermelon is not making a comeback in reference to black people because I happen to like watermelon!

  • Watermelon is lame so is all the other melon fruits (yuck!)

  • aleximaq

    We hate you too…and you’re going to hell….you are satan’s version of human beings…..live with that….

  • Joy

    For all of you who say he’s lost all income and what an idiot he is, he now owns his own business and is makin twice what he ever made at TAMKO.. So who’s the idiot now?