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RNC Treasurer Accuses Michael Steele Of Hiding $7 Million Debt


The treasurer of the Republican National Committee is making headlines now that he claims that RNC Chairman Michael Steele is responsible for failing to report $7 million in debt the group accumulated over time.

Treasurer Randy Pullen accused Steele in a memo to RNC budget committee members Tuesday of failing to report the impending debt to the Federal Election Commission.

Pullen also says Steele and his chief of staff Michael Leavitt tried to hide the issue by instructing staff not to report to him.

RNC officials have since denied any claims of wrongdoing and RNC Communications Director Doug Heye has released a statement in their defense saying,

“We have always followed the guidelines of our legal counsel and treasurer and have put in place additional oversight to ensure that all invoices are handled in a proper, open and transparent manner.”

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  • Baybaybay

    Whew about time those republicans turned on Micheal Steele now he will live the black experience for real! We knew it was going to happen sooner or later that once he was no longer needed the republicans would tear him down now Mr. Steele is getting his reality check!

  • aleximaq

    The republican party is really showing its azz these days…they are just a bunch of pathetic losers…and now they are turning on each other….good…

  • Micheal Steele won’t go anywhere till after the November elections, and won’t disappear even after that – http://disenchantedjourno.blogspot.com/2010/07/must-read-story-steeles-in-trouble-yet.html