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Family Abandons 4-Year-Old Son With Dead Sister


California police are on the hunt for a couple they believe left their adopted 4-year-old son behind in a house with his dead sister while they fled to Mexico.

Bakersfield authorities are looking for 26-year-old Alberto Garcia, and his wife Carla after they say the couple took off with their three biological children in the middle of the night and left their two adopted children—one dead, at their home.

Police say the deceased child, a 3-year-old girl, shows extreme signs of trauma but have not released details of her death.

The children left behind were discovered Monday after Carla Garcia called her sister and told her to go her house.

Police believe the couple and their three children may have escaped to Mexico already.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Bakersfield Police Department at (661) 327-7111.

Alberto And Carla Garcia

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  • aleximaq


  • Mabel

    Wow!! I hope their pictures are blasted all over Mexico, they can’t do this and expect to just sail off into the wind.

  • kimeeb

    This is tooooooo sad. They already had 3 children of their own, if they couldn’t take care of them, why adopt 2 more and then mistreat them. It is my pray that these two scumbags, get caught and and see the light of day.

  • Cha Torney

    This is insane! You can run Garcia’s but you cannot hide…….Not even in MEXICO!

  • MzIsaidit

    That is a sin & a shame that people can be so damn cruel to kids, let alone humankind. What goes around comes back 20x’s greater. God have mercy on their souls

  • This world can be a dangerous place for adoptive children, and this horrifying story proves it. So saddened by the the thought that human beings could do such insane things to these poor babies who i’m sure were beautifull innocent angels. Though they’re in a much better place playin wit angels, i hope the Garcias get buried ALIVE!! May god not have mercy on their souls! They dont deserve mercy, they deserve to suffer the way they made those babies. RIP lil angel, an i pray they find a much more of a loving home for the baby boy