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Marijuana Minister Arrested & Deemed "Too Dangerous" For Bail


A Hawaii-based marijuana minister is under federal indictment and is claimed to be too dangerous for bail.

Roger Christie, a minister who has for years been preaching the good news and wonders of marijuana, is now under federal indictment, where agents managed to persuade a federal judge that he is somehow “too dangerous” to be allowed out on bail.

The founder of The Hawaii Cannabis Ministry (THC Ministry), is being held without bail after the Drug Enforcement Administration arrested him, along with 13 other employers of the church.

They have been all charged with marijuana trafficking offenses and other marijuana distributing related charges.

Christie had already been raided by the DEA in March, with agents taking cash and marijuana from Christie, but not arresting him at that time. Federal agents claim that after that raid, Christie continued his marijuana distribution at the ministry, which led to his secret indictment.

Christie had originally been ordered held without bail, however, when the prosecutors said that he continued to sell weed after his first raid, he was too “dangerous” to let go and would continue to sell weed.

The judges agreed, and Christie will now be held without bail until the trial.

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  • WinterBabyBlue

    I agree, they should leave him alone.

  • Dirty Diana…Let Me Be ♪

    legalize it

  • Moses went up in the mountains to get revelations from a burning bush( weed), and all of the mystic voices and seen miracles thruout the bible means whoever wrote the book was puffin on some good smoke. Let the minister spread his stuff, lol

  • Moses went up in the mountains to get revelations from the burning bush which had to be weed because he came back down with some deep info, i bet everything written in the bible was inspired by a good smoke.

  • Shakespere had some good smoke when he wrote the king james, moses chilled up in the mountains with a burning bush and came back down with some deep ish.

  • Yos o

    ligalize it

  • mtlasagna

    for at least twenty years roger christie has been THE voice of the legalization movement in hawaii. his arrest is obviously politically motivated and loathsome.

    chritie is a righteous man following the dictates of his own conscience and sits in a fed jail as i write this.

    Jah blessings, sir.

    yes, the dea is vile.

  • wow….

  • june

    sad, call barney frank