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Kanye West’s “Power” Video To Feature Nudity, Women With Devil Horns


The concept of the video for Kanye West’s single, “Power”, has been revealed.

As previously reported Ye is remaining scant on details for his upcoming album but says that it will no longer be called Good A** Job.

With the official title still pending, Kanye’s been hard at work prepping his new video that features a dark concept that’s sure to fuel more rumors of his affiliation with the Illuminati.

According to video director Marco Brambilla, the video will feature Ye donning his Horus chain surrounded by fully or partially nude women wearing devil horns and hanging from the ceiling as he prepares to be executed.

Furthermore the video features the Sword of Damocles which is a reference to a Greek tale and represents “peril faced by those in positions of power.”

Brambilla tells the New York Times,

“Mr. West is seen standing imposingly with a heavy chain around his neck. As Mr. West raps the camera slowly zooms out in one continuous, unedited take to reveal him in a classical structure, surrounded by female attendants who are partly or entirely nude; some kneel before him on all fours, others wear devil horns and still others are suspended upside down from the ceiling. The Sword of Damocles hangs precariously over Mr. West’s head, and behind him an unseen executioner is preparing to strike him with a blade. (ArtsBeat was allowed to watch a portion of this video but was not permitted to post it.)”

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  • BobTyranT

    Satan has a “special” place in Hell just for Devil Worshippers. They get tormented worse than rapists and murders down there..yet these fools actually BELIEVE he’s gon’ look out for them when they get there lol Like Satan ain’t tha biggest liar in all creation! He invented the lie…get ready Kanye

  • David B

    Sounds to me like his ego’s gone on to the next level! At first he was like ‘i’m the greatest’ next it’ll be ‘i am GOD!’ Kanye please be humble 🙁

  • lerone

    Omg! You people have nothing else to talk about. All conspiracy fanatics are ridiculous. This guy worships the devil or is in affiliation with illuminati. Do you guys even know what illuminati is? I highly doubt it if you think its worshiping the Devil.

  • MikalaHopson

    i cant begin tuh tell yew people how serious this is. its so much deeper then hip hop or hollywood it the goverment, the people that run this country and no there bulding a mosque its getting so bad that they can have an entire episode on spongebob about it and people just let it go. its getting bad very very fast. WAKE UP && SMELL THE FIRE PEOPLE!!