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Artist Set To Debut Nude Bust Of Michelle Obama


An celebrity and pop culture artist is set to make his formal debut of a nude bust of First Lady Michelle Obama.

Sculptor Daniel Edwards is behind the bare-chested replica that shows Michelle donning a pearl-studded afro pick shaped like an eagle placed in what’s been described as a “Nerfertiti-esque” hairstyle.

The sculpture also shows the First Lady wearing large hoop earrings and sporting an American flag engraved on her chest.

Titled “Michelle Obama’s Makeover for America”, the sculpture will be available for viewing at the Leo Kesting Gallery in New York City on October 1st.

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  • barbra

    I am with you on this. NO NO NO NO NO. Why do we continue to bring these two into the distasteful arena? Her bust is Obama and Michelle business and privacy. This is distasteful and evil lurking for a pay back of some sort. Attention, money, etc. Do not do this. it is not proper or respectful of her and her kids either. If you do, I hope there are law suits that will leave whomever does it, in shame and homeless and penniless, and possible jail time. This is wrong. Stop the sabotaging of this man. He has not been in a year, and there is alsways some attention needy bastards that want to crucufy him. He did not put the world into caeos. He is trying to really help us. Barbra


    Just when I thought this country couldn’t get no more disgraceful. This makes no sense and the artist need to be send off of our planet. Let him do a bust of his own Mother.

  • Asia

    Those two comments above YOU SOUND STUPID! Michelle Obama is the first Black Lady of the United States. Which in this country as racist and whitewashed as it is deserves some recognition and praise. If that fake a s s Sarah Palin had of been the first VP of America this whitewashed nation would have put that devil on a peddlestill. As for it referencing Africa………well d u m b a s s SHE IS AFRICAN JUST LIKE EVERYOTHER BLACK AMERICAN IN THIS COUNTRY. AND I CAN BET YOU SHE UNLIKE SOME DUMB BLACK AMERICANS IS SMART ENOUGH TO REALIZE THAT AND PROUD OF IT. EVERY PERSON IN THIS WORLD TRACES BACK TO AFRICA….NOW IF YOUR STUPID ENOUGH TO ARGUE WITH THAT……YOU ARE OBVIOUSLY MORE WHITEWASHED, EASILY COERCED, AND A BELIEVER OF THE GREAT AMERICAN WAY…..DUMMY!

    • drillingrig

      @ Asia. This is nothing but tacky, ghetto art that the artist should be smacked for. And as for all life coming from Africa, what exactly is the big deal? The people of Africa still can not take care of themselves. Starvation, AIDS, is an everyday part of life for these people. Other countries continue to support them because they just can’t seem to have the intelligence to take care of themselves. But, people are always up in everyones faces about how life comes from Mother Africa! Who the f#@k cares? What a joke! Show me one thing that Africa exports, or one time that Africa has reached out and helped another country in need. Please, is it really noble for an entire country to continue to bring children into this world that can’t even provide the basics for them?

  • Michelle Obama NEVER looked that good.

  • Dee

    But what is the real fuss? Where is the offense? It’s art. It’s meant to entice, infuriate, teach, etc. Open minds…

  • Lord Nils

    And one thing about this. Nefertiti was Egyptian, NOT Nubian.

  • Kenny B. Moore

    Inappropriate. I don’t think the First Lady would approve at all.

  • christy

    Personally, I find nothing offensive about this bust. It very gracefully combines Mrs. Obama’s African descent (being as she is black) and her current position as a prominent American, with ,so far as I can tell, very American ideas. I think this a wonderful piece of artwork. My only question: Was it done with her knowledge and/or consent?

  • Peggy

    The timing of this work is inappropriate. Any artist is free to create whatever they desire, but it does not have to have an immediate audience. I personally feel both the artist and the gallery exhibiting it are opportunist of the moment and will come to regret their untimely decision.

  • Al Harris Jr.

    I agree that this is very distasteful and an insult on the office of the President of the United States. The office of the President of the United States has never been more disrespected since we have a Black American in office. You must ask yourself why? For as advance as we belive that we have come with race relation how far have we really come?

    • Antuan

      you idiot, to say the office of the president has never been more disrespected just shows how ignorant and biased you are. Did you forget about all the hate bush got? way more than obammer, if anything the media has protected Obammer.

  • TinaB

    NO ONE has disrespected the office of the presidency MORE than Barack & Michelle Obama. They are an absolute AFFRONT to everthing that IS America. It has nothing to do with their color, and all the idiots on the left who continue to spew such garbage are the REAL racists among us. I guess if expecting fiscal conservatism, responsibility, & color-blindness in our leader makes me a RACIST… then add me to the list!

  • RoxannaT

    Did she pose for this? Michelle is an AMERICAN, just like the rest of us born here or here legally. How creepy and inappropriate is this! Who gives a f*** what color she is! She is an AMERICAN first lady and the boobs and ‘Ubangi’ thing is stupid.

  • sean_oreilly

    Very classy. A lip plate would be a nice touch, too.

  • Tommy

    then she should act like an American.. not like her UN American Husband

  • astonished not

    One word: Tacky.

  • Jamie

    Yes he has done other President’s Families – he did Hillary in 2006

  • R. Neville

    Who gives a rat’s rear end? Obumble is destroying America and I should care that his wife is now immortalized in a stupid statue? There are a lot more serious things to worry about….like how are we going to save America from her lunatic husband?

  • Dylan Henry

    The thing looks like the Bride of Frankenstein, with b**bs. Tacky.

  • MiMi

    At least somebody in the family is waving the AMERICAN FLAG!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    . . . and it’s also one way of getting the American Flag into the White House!!!

  • Totally despicable use of art.

  • Ed

    Ummmm…Is that piece of crap the replacement for the bust of Winson Churchill that our s..t head president sent back to England? Maybe the artist will put a ring in her nose too.

  • Steven F Walters

    I like it. It is artistic expression at it’s best.

  • Joe

    Why does the first sow have hair like the Bride of Frankenstine?

  • Squirmin German

    OMG! That broad is hideous, and now some a-hole has to make an “ART” bust of this frikkin monkey and desecrate the USA with it?

    Michelle is actually a man in drag, if you look closely at “it”.

    Holy cow, we are so f***ed in America!

  • KBS

    Beg your pardon – Michelle Obama has been disrespectful of America and the position of the First Lady. If you recall, she has had little to be proud of until her husband’s nomination. Yet, she has benefited from the country’s entitlements. She is an embarrassment. She has not earned my respect.