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Soulja Boy And S.O.D. Money Gang Sued


Soulja Boy and his S.O.D. Money Gang brand are the latest in Hip-Hop to face a lawsuit.

The 20-year-old rapper is being sued by a designer for copyright claims to a particular phrase used on a line of clothing.

According to designer Clement Brown Jr., the owner of Laundry Money Clothing, Soulja Boy, Arab, JBar and S.O.D. Money Gang ENT stole his slogan featured on his t-shirts.

Brown is accusing Soulja of ultimately taking the verbiage copyrighted by Laundry Money Clothing in 2008 and adding additional text to it for his SOD “code of honor.”

The designer’s slogan reads,

Grind…hustle hard…double up…flip…stack…get your weight up…save…cop…invest…re-cop…reinvest….buy property…network…build credit…stay determined…”

Similarly, Soulja Boy’s code of honor reads,

“Grind..Hustle..Double Up..Flip..Stack..Get Yo Weight Up..Save..Shop..Invest..Recoup.
Own Your Own Business..Buy Property..Network..Build Credit..Stay Determined..Stay Focused…Stay Dedicated..Never Lie To your Higher Authority..Have Goals..Always Remember Money First…Gang Color Yellow and Green…Never Snitch”

A lawyer for Brown points out that Soulja Boy also has a tattoo across his chest of the slogan made publicly visible through a photo shoot with Urban Ink magazine and found an internet post from the rapper referring to the verbiage as his “code of honor.”

The designer is seeking an unspecified amount in damages.

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    Ahahahahahahaha. Aw man. lmaooooo. Not only is he a swagger jacker but a slogan jacker. Be yourself Soulja Boy. U and Bow Wow have identity issues. One day u are for the kids, the next u trappin, the next ur a white boy. Which is it gonna be?

  • i only want to know one thinkg why did soulja boy join the illuminati? all he had to say was no and pray and ask Jesus Christ to protect him from satan …geezz smdh

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