After the shocking death of Holly last episode of Power, Ghost and Tommy reunite to pick up the pieces and focus their attention on finishing the Lobos saga once and for all.

Power Season 3

Tommy’s cacophony of emotions reaches a boiling point as he copes with Holly’s death. He won’t sleep in his loft and visibly seems rattled. Ghost helps Tommy get back on his feet, walking him through the loft and trying to get Tommy’s mind right for the mission at hand.

Lobos must die, and executing this plan has to be intricate and efficient. Tommy includes Tasha in their plan, and once again the band is back together. Despite their multitude of differences, the harmony between Tasha, Tommy and Ghost when dealing in organized crime is undeniable. They have always been a great team, and eliminating Lobos from their lives is just cause to bring their narcotic fueled dream team together again.

Power Season 3


Ghost will spend the weekend at one of Karen Bassett’s luxury property to distract Angela from suspecting his involvement in this Lobos operation. Tasha would accompany Ghost as his “wife” to provide cover by continuous text conversation with Angela (!!) and interaction with Karen and her staff.


Photo: Starz

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