Actress Maia Campbell Arrested


Actress Maia Campbell Arrested

Former actress Maia Campbell who starred alongside LL Cool J in the sitcom “In The House” has reportedly been arrested in California.

Although the reason for her arrest is unknown, according to The YBF, Campbell is currently housed in the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, California and being held on a $40,100 bail.

The sherriff’s department states that although the actress is unable to receive visitors, she can receive monetary contributions.

Campbell, who is the daughter of the late prominent New York Times best-seller novelist and journalist Bebe Moore Campbell, has experienced several strokes of misfortune. There has been speculation that Campbell has been heavily involved with narcotics and may be suffering bouts of bipolar disorder, which has caused her to spiral downward, putting the brakes on a career that was on the upswing.

As previously reported, Campbell has been viewed on two videos rambling, using profanity, looking disheveled and seeming disoriented.

On Wednesday, she had her first court date.

No stranger to bouts with the law, Campbell was arrested back in June, then released just two days later.

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  • Lovelybubbly

    Damn her story keeps getting worse and worse I hope we don’t hear next she’s been found dead somewhere. I pray she has family that don’t turn their back on her and encourage her to get professional help for her drug and mental problems she needs to leave California also stay out of the hood.



  • Pat

    I wish somebody in the industry would reach out and help Mia.
    Intervention is needed, as this child is lost. I believer losing her wonderful mother she’s unable to cope with what the drugs, and the life she got into.
    She’s not being treated like Lindsay Lohan. Who knows what they are doing to her behind bars?
    LL and her former cast mates, can’t someone who cared about her help her now?
    We pray she finds her way back to God, as Bebe must be turning over if she knew Mia was repeatedly jailed.
    Wake up girl, and ask the Master to bring you back to the values your mom taught you.

  • Pat

    I wish somebody with money, and power would intervene on Maia Campbell’s behalf.
    She’s obviously in pain, and she’s spiritually lost.
    I knew of her mom, and can only imagine the crushing feeling of losing a parent who was so strong, but her child is weak.
    The mother in me feels for her, I wish I could help her, and I know there is someone close by who could bail her out, and put her in a rehab facility.
    Instead of laughing at the famous when they fall, we should all remember the saying;
    “There but for the grace of God go I.”

    • Tangela williams

      I will pray for her.I like her show.Somebody plz help her we want her to come back.

  • Pat

    That’s why I said industry as no family has come forward.
    It ‘s pitfall.

  • Pat

    Sorry, we meant pitiful!