This same intellect is non existent in his “other” life. He loves Tasha and Tommy, but won’t trust them fully when the chips are down, which is why he doesn’t inform them of his plan to eliminate Milan via Ruiz. Even though he KNOWS Milan has been three steps ahead of him since supplanting him with Tommy as the number one, infiltrating his club as personal security and flooding his properties with drug deals. None of this matters to Ghost, because he cannot envision a world where his plans don’t succeed or need adjustment. He also doesn’t realize that his clandestine actions have dire consequences for Angela, Tommy, Tasha, and his family. And for the first time, his loved ones refuse to look past his hubris and start addressing their own self interests.

Power Season 3

Angela has transitioned to the open arms of Greg to fully heal from her breakup with Ghost. Her only concern is total exoneration for the Lobos murder. While she attempts to uncover the mystery of the burner cellphone, Greg continues his vigilante crusade to take Ghost, Angela and anyone else down to cure his feelings of rejection. Not only does Greg discover the location where the burner was purchased, he sees Sandoval leaving Hugo’s old apartment. 2 + 2 is slowly adding up to four, so will this finally remove Angela from his cross hairs?

Tariq hates his father unconditionally for the way he treated Tasha and the family during his affair with Angela, and Kanan is right there to be the “friend” Tariq needs. While Kanan plays the Palpatine to Tariq’s Anakin Skywalker encouraging him to teal and do whatever necessary to gain respect, Dre is just trying to ensure the kid survives. Kanan has Dre between a rock and a hard place, because if Ghost discovers that Kana is alive, around his son and Dre knew, it won’t end well. So how does Dre keep Tariq safe while staying alive?


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