Power Season 3

Even rekindling the sexual chemistry with Tasha won’t save Ghost from her wrath. He tells Tasha of his plan to get Milan out of the picture, and he never thought once to console her, Tasha’s family was threatened repeatedly. Milan visited her and indirectly destroyed her friendship with Keisha. This is a dangerous man and any moves should’ve been discussed. Ghost was Ghosting however, and decided to tell her while the plan was in motion. Not to mention that Ghost was lukewarm on a possible marriage reclamation. Tasha recognized at this point that Ghost would move only as Ghost wants to move and in that moment she decided to protect herself and tell Tommy everything. At this point Tommy and Tasha only have each other to trust and need to work together in spite of Ghost’s “well wishes”

Power Season 3 2016

Tommy, fed up with all of the secrecy and lack of trust, decides to finally handle every situation his way. Knowing that Ruiz was involved in the plan to take out Milan, he makes his move. Ruiz is killed by Tommy’s own hand, and has Dre’s assistance in disposing of the body. With their newfound respect in lieu of their previous relationship due to Dre’s confession that he tipped off Ghost to the Korean hit attempt on Tommy, who knows where that relationship will go. Tommy makes it clear that Ruiz died because of Ghost’s shady practices and gives Ghost one more out to be committed or else. Ghost finally draws the line in the sand, stating that he wants out of the game and will never stop. Tommy now realizes what he must do. He lets Ghost knows that its him that calls the shots from this point forward involving Milan go through him. The only problem is the next plan involving Milan is to kill Ghost!

Underestimating his enemies, and placing his ambitions for a “honest life” ahead of his family has finally put Ghost in an winless situation. Everyone wants him dead and he has few trusting allies left. Ghost must die was the tagline of Season 3. By the end of next week’s finale, we may be asking ourselves “Who shot James St. Patrick?”


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