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S.C. Man Indicted In Shooting, Dragging Death Of Black Man


A white man in South Carolina has been indicted on charges that he killed his Black co-worker and dragged his body behind his truck.

19-year-old Gregory Collins was indicted Friday for murder, desecrating a body and possessing a weapon during a violent crime.

As previously reported police says Collins killed his Black co-worker 30-year-old Anthony Hill by shooting him once in the head.

They then say Collins attached a nylon rope around his body and dragged him behind his truck 11 miles before the rope snapped.

Police followed a trail of blood and skin to Collins’ Newberry home where they prompted him out of his home with tear gas.

The New Black Panther Party has held several rallies calling for the judge to charge Collins with a hate crime.

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  • Ladybug

    What is up with white folks who are racist tieing blacks to the end of trucks and dragging them? Its happened so many times I wonder where did this come from?

  • coldt7

    He shouldn’t have been hanging around no white person.He should have known, as old as he was, that you cannot trust any white person with a pulse.

    • luvdoctor

      Look i dont know who u are. But my brother didnt care NOTHING about no skin color. If an black man would have killed him,what would u have said? What..dont trust a black man??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • auntdoggandauntfail

    he looks like the picture of men in the civil war, smh, too much inbreeding

  • Jayleise Anello

    This white boy looks dangerous, that man should have known better. I dont advise any blacks that live in the south to be friend any white ppl .. its just too risky. Black ppl that live in the south have got to start doing better. May Anthony Hill R.I.P. and Gregory Collins be persecuted to the full extent of the law what an evil soul he is.. i hope he doesn’t have any children, because they are sure to inherit his curses.


    open your eyes …it was reported that gun sells rose sky high the day after Obama was elected as President. Who you think was buying them …. you will soon FEEL (right now you are seeing) what POST RACIAL AMERICA you really live in-their true colors are starting to show.

  • Brooklyn

    damn this dude is only 19 he looks older than that wow