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Two Scoops: Shaun Necole Definitely Has More Than A Handful [PHOTOS]


Florida is known for its lovely weather, beaches, and a revolving show of toned bodies in daring outfits. Shaun Necole, our latest Bangin Candy, definitely has more than a handful as her, ahem, two scoops, make quite the impression in each shot.

There isn’t a lot of information out there on Shaun Necole other than the fact that she’s a Floridian, is engaged, and is holding lovely. It’s not all va-va-voom with Ms. Necole as she’s dazzling in the face as she is curvy and there’s a definition sense of fashion present as well.

Enough of that, just get to the photos already! Check out our latest Bangin Candy Shaun Necole below and on the following pages.




Photo: Instagram

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