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Bun B: Trump Won Because Clinton Took Votes For Granted, “People Voted For A Brand” [VIDEO]


Bun B is of the few people in Hip-Hop, if not the only, that actually attended Donald Trump rallies. He has a unique perspective on how and why Trump won the election.

Bun B stopped by 97.9 The Box to give perhaps the most honest and unique explanation to the Hip-Hop audience on just how Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election.

During the primary elections, Bun B worked as a field reporter for VICE, visiting Trump rallies throughout the country and talking to the people who were supporting him. These locations included the backwoods of Arizona, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Texas and Wisconsin. In his travels, he realized that with all of the talk about Black, Hispanic, Women and youth voters there was one large group being ignored, the poor White man.

Not “poor” as in “aw, look at the poor White man.” But “poor” as in broke, unemployed and forgotten.

Bun witnessed first hand how Trump was able to galvanize this voting bloc with promises of jobs and national security. Beyond that, he saw that they were simply happy to be acknowledged.

“He was going into cities where no one that famous had ever been,” said Bun to a cacophony of laughter. “No, I’m being dead ass serious.”

He went on to explain how big of a mistake it was for the Clinton campaign to assume that states like Wisconsin were a sure win because of how things worked in the past. Bun also made the point that Clinton and company didn’t truly realize who, or what, they were going up against.

“They had always been used to going up against people, they never had to go up against a brand,” he said. “America didn’t elect a man, they elected a brand. It’s a lot easier for people to get behind a brand than it is a person.”

Ain’t that the damn truth. Trump has had his name on skyscrapers for decades and slung everything from meat to motivational books. He created the Miss Universe pageant and got a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame for his former NBC show The Apprentice. Bun spoke on how at some point in time, everyone in America has bought into the Trump brand, even himself. He rapped “f*ck Black Ceasar, n*ggas call me Black Trump” on the classic UGK song “Pocket Full Of Stones.”

Check out everything Bun had to say in the video below, and click for more videos talking about the election after the jump.

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