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Dorsey Montgomery: Is The Black Juror In The Michael Slager Trial A Government Plant? [VIDEO]


How could who is obviously a Black man in America say such things? Well, some media outlets have toyed with a theory: Montgomery is a plant and some kind of arrangement was made.

Charleston’s Live News 5 caught up with Montgomery, who doesn’t seem to be turning down any interviews, to ask him about his past. It has been revealed that Montgomery had been charged with breach of trust with fraudulent intent. They explain it as “meaning he was accused of stealing between $2,000 and $10,000, according to the Charleston County Clerk of Court’s office.” The Charleston Post-Courier reports that he was specifically accused of giving people discounts at the Best Buy he worked at.

The charges were dropped while he was serving on the jury and that same day, th judge made him the jury foreman in Slager’s trial. Yes, that looks very suspect and Montgomery knows that too. That’s why he’s urging that his charges being dropped and him serving as not only the lone Black juror in a high-profile, racially-charged trial, but as the lead juror, have absolutely nothing to do with each other.

“There was no shenanigans,” he says, enforcing that he had no knowledge of the charges being dropped. “There was no, as they try to say, me and the solicitor having a deal on the side. All that is false information, none of that happened.” | Charleston, SC | News, Weather, Sports

There is no evidence that shows that Montgomery’s charges being dropped played a role in his responsibility as jury foreman. But, this is still a bad look all around. One, why is he the only juror being paraded around? Two, why would he want to be on television representing for a jury that obviously doesn’t have people who look like him best interests in mind?

Since this is America, we should probably be expecting for Montgomery to be dropping a book soon. Maybe we will get some kind of bombshell discovery then. But as of now, this is just looking like another mess and more proof that even a Black juror in a racially-charged case can’t always be expected to look out.

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