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Donald Trump Is Now Twitter Beefing With Meryl Streep, Calls Her “Overrated”


Well, that didn’t take long. After Meryl Streep sent some not-so-subliminal shots at President-elect Donald Drumpf during her Golden Globes speech, he did what we all expected. Which is respond via Twitter.

Streep called attention to Donald Drumpf mocking a disabled journalist during his Presidential campaign. Surprisingly, the act wasn’t damning enough to ruin his Presidential aspirations, nor was that whole “p*ssy grabbing” thing. Even though she never called him out by name, everyone in the audience and watching at home knew who she was talking about.


Apparently, he too got the hint and wasted no time responding on his favorite communication tool, Twitter.

This meme now seems more appropriate than ever.

Meryl Streep meme

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