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Detroit Man Killed For His Cartier Sunglasses


Detroit Man Killed For His Cartier Sunglasses

A 20-year-old Detroit man was killed after police say he was gunned down because he refused to give up his sunglasses.

Darryle Miller Jr. was shot and killed outside of a nightclub Sunday morning over a pair of Cartier sunglasses believed to be worth $2,400.

Miller’s mother Rose Ford tells My FOX Detroit that her son had just transferred to Georgetown University on a basketball scholarship.

She says the star athlete and father to a young daughter had been working and saved money to buy the expensive frames that his killer took after shooting him in the back.

“That was my only son. My baby…My son worked for whatever he had whether it was his car, glasses, shoes, whatever. He worked for that and I feel you should do it, too. You don’t go out and take (somebody’s) life for a pair of glasses.”

Police are hoping that Miller’s attacker will be spotted wearing the shades or take them to a local pawn shop where they can be tracked.

They estimate that at least 15 murders have been linked to sunglass related robberies in the city.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call Detroit police.

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  • Detroit….such a healthy place for all the boys and girls, it’s the murder capitol of the world, uh huuuuuuh http://bit.ly/aJocm2

  • What is going on with all of this senseless violence in our community? Why are we not valuing and respecting each other’s lives? This is a damn shame. We all deserve better than to be gunned down for some shades! http://www.rhymesandpolitics.com

  • NS

    I don’t understand why yall are mad that he bought expensive glasses. Just like any other person, you work for things you want. I’m pretty sure 99% of people have splurged on something. So what gives you the right to say he is ghetto! You are just ignorant to even think that. I guess if he was a drug dealer, and bought those shades, it would be justifiable….Come on people..wake up…No one had the right to take anything that does not belong to them…And to murder someone on top of that…Sounds like some type of Gang Initiation if 15 other cases were reported…

  • Coonery R Us !

    So if a woman wears a wedding ring that her loving husband gave her would it be her fault as well? If you decide to purchase a luxury car, don’t drive it in Detroit huh? Or how about you raise your child hands on and financially, get a scholarship to Georgetown and decide you know what, happy graduation to me, I’ve been wanting something boss status for a while, expect to be murdered for it. The family of Darryle Miller have always had high expectations, worked hard, worn the best and have lived safely in the city of Detroit, MI for years. It is amazing, the speculation based on the value of a man’s personal possessions. What we all fail to realize, violence is non-discriminatory, death does not wait for you and mourning and grief will not spare your feelings. Stay humble and hope you NEVER experience this kind of loss. The Human species has hit an all time low!

  • Darryl Stinson

    I was a teammate of Miller and I can say he worked for everything that he got and he was a good young man and like someone stated don’t get on him for buying shades as long as he worked for them who cares that’s his money get on the idiot that killed him

  • makedakaluwa

    That’s SCANDICULOUS!!!! Scandalous and Ridiculous! I tell you about low-rate people who get their hands on some heat, they be on some bullShyte. May this young man R.I.P. in the name of Jesus Christ and be with his family as well. This is a new found low.

  • t

    what he does/did with his money is irrelevant. we may not agree with it but he, you, me, no one shouldnt have to worry about getting killed bc of it. what would be nice is if ALL ppl had his mentality of WORK for what you want whether its shades or investing….stop taking other ppls ish lazy basta@rds!!!

  • GeneConnor

    Go negroes!

  • MLK

    I have a dream!

  • TxGal512

    Im sorry that he had to lose his life over a pair of glasses. What upsets me is that these racist and ignorant comments arent necessary. No one has ish to sawhen white people throw there money away on everything and they prefer fancy cars and name brands just like evryone else, but when they get knocked off, I dont see the negative comments about their spending habits.,At least Mexicans and blacks WORK, and not sit behind a desk making other people do the job that make Whites look good.