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Birdman Shows Off 900 Karat Chain [Video]


In a recent interview with MTV, Birdman shows off his 900 Karat chain that makes us all feel even more broke.

From a clip off the Entourage: Fetti Holmes Edition DVD by DJ Scoob Doo, Birdman calls his jeweler to clarify that his chain medallion is 900 karats and nothing shorter.

“900! Not 859, not 800, this Beyotch is 900 K right?”

Peep the video below to see Birdman’s ridiculous chain, as he shows us not everyone is hurting by this recession.

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  • TJ

    he sure is blowing money fast. i’m sure when the checks stop coming in he’ll be filing bankruptcy fast too.

  • bill bixby

    Instead of trying to stunt he needs to pay people he owes!!

  • Gucci seys…

    Im so Iced out Lights on Lights out So Icey boy got you shinin like a light house!

  • Monako

    Blacks and their f**k up priorities.

  • Keyshawn

    Blowing money stupidly! LOL

  • david spate

    this is truly a mental ilness. people from louisiana and places in the south came up so opressed by white rule those who have made it out just don’t know how to act. know what ? get that chain appraised now and see what its worth from the pawn shop. or maybe it will be on ebay soon. how much land and buildings could you have owned vs. that chain. or maybe you don’t care maybe you have signed thee ultimate contract…… w/ the man in red ………. cause the devil was a straight pimp’n chain wear’n scoundrel.

  • dont come on here talking about messed up priorities and how Birdman is headed for the broke house. You think he would put himself at risk of bankruptcy to own that chain? The chain means exactly what you think, he has money to blooww

  • xoxo

    Floss Floss he got it like that. Hood Rich.

  • Anti-believer

    Real sad when ghetto people get money cause they don’t know wisely what to do with it.

    Just because you have millions doesn’t mean you still have to buy jewelry because jewels are honestly worthless rocks! You are a consumer fool that has fallen for a gimmick. It’s just some shiny rocks from the earth. Man convinced you that it is valuable. Basically a magic trick.

    This all goes back to Chris Rock talking about how Shaq is considered rich but the guy who signs his check is wealthy! A huge difference! Think how much Shaq is paid… now think how much the owner is getting. Wealth can set us free.