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Atlanta Justice Department Seeking “Ebonics Experts”


The Atlanta Department of Justice is making headlines after being ousted for seeking “ebonics experts.”

Famed public record website, The Smoking Gun, has uncovered documents from the Department of Justices’ Atlanta division asking for nine experts in the “language” to assist the DEA in monitoring, transcribing and translating recorded conversations in narcotics investigations.

Additionally the justice department was seeking linguists in “exotic languages” such as Spanish, Korean, Farsi and Jamaican “Patoi. “

The Department of Justice listed Ebonics is as a “common language” spoken soley in the U.S. and inquiries into the available positions were due July 29th.

No word on how many “ebonics experts”, if any, were hired.

Ebonics has been described a as a “nonstandard variant of English spoken largely by African Americans” that includes features like the omission of the final consonant in words like ‘past’ (pas’ ) and ‘hand’ (han’).

Ebonics experts eh?


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  • The Atlanta DOJ needs to go back to school. Ebonics is not a LANGUAGE, it is an “IDIOM”. LOOK IT UP, DUMMIES http://tinyurl.com/2fd9x3x

  • Baybaybay

    This got to be a joke ebonics is what older people call slang and it changes all the time and is spoken differently depending on where you live:Down south,east coast, west coast all speak differently so there is no experts.

  • codecrackx15

    Only in Atlanta… Funny thing is the people speaking ebonics are moving to the suburbs and Atlanta is becoming quite a nice place to live.
    This is almost as bad as when one of the school systems said they would no longer take off on papers written in ebonics.
    The dumbing down of America but america has to be political correct to everyone because everyone gets so offended these days.

    • tania

      Codecrackx: if you are going to speak on the dumbing down of America then please use some grammar in your sentence. Gracias idiota.

      • codecrackx15

        Oooh a grammar nazi from the internet….ooohhh. Tania, only an idiot can defend letting people get away with ebonics.
        Just to clue your uneducated mind in, IM’s, Responding to posts, Emails to non official entities (that would be people and places not important such as you and this news story) are not required to be 110% perfect in writing everything out especially in a hurry.
        I work and typed my reply out fast, do you? Probably not if you speak ebonics.
        Defending ebonics, pathetic.

  • Mabel

    Seems like a pretty simple job to me, benefits, hopefully good pension plan. Worth applying for somebody.