X-Men fans got a real treat this past weekend. Aside from the release of the critically – and comicbook nerd – acclaimed Logan, fans got a pre-movie teaser for the insanely anticipated Deadpool 2.

The hilarious 3-minute clip finds our anti-hero doing his best to live up to the hero mantra only to realize no good deed goes unpunished.

Eagle-eyed viewers can see the many Easter Eggs hidden in plain sight on the set including:

Logan: How fitting that Logan was premiering at the theater behind where everything was going down.

“Nathans Summers Cumming Soon” scribbled on the phone booth: Reference to fan favorite X-Men, Cable, who’s slated to make his big screen debut in the Deadpool sequel.

Firefly posters in the background: Reference to his wifey in Deadpool, actress Morena Baccarin, who made her bones in the popular early 00’s TV series. Others say it could be hinting at fellow Firefly actor, Nathan Fillion, picking up the Psimitar (one of Cable’s weapon) for Deadpool 2. The plot thickens.

Theme songs: The Superman theme song helped make the scene as enjoyable as it was, but did anyone catch the theme used in True Romance? Yeah, we on top of our cult classic movie game, fam.

Check out the teaser below and let us know if you caught something we didn’t see.

Photo: screen cap

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